Neon Art Wall Lamp - 5 number by Seletti


Collection of bright letters Neon Art Seletti, 26 letters available to write almost everything: names, messages, the name of a place ... All in a retro-style Las Vegas kitsch!

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Make your walls vibrate with personalized light messages ... The Neon Art wallet collection allows you to create a truly trendy "arty" environment in your home. These neon lamps in the shape of letters, numbers and symbols offer a fun game of light, a typographic game. You can write whatever you want: your name, a message, a mantra ... All in a retro Las Vegas style! A very graphic collection, which creates a bright and playful abbecedario ... We like it! "Neon art" lamps hook to the wall to create the desired message. They are subsequently joined to one of the transformers sold separately depending on the measurement of the message (transformer to join from 1 to 3 lamps / transformer to arrange from 3 to 12 lamps / transformer to sitemare from 12 to 16 lamps). The transformers simply attach themselves to the power outlet. Of course you can use different transformers if you want to write a message of more than 16 lamps. Ambient light - Indoor only