Alphafont Wall Lamp - White Letter S design BBMDS for Seletti


Seletti's Alphafont light letter collection allows you to light up your walls with personalized messages and create a retro kitschy Las Vegas-style atmosphere in your home! Made of neon, these lamps have a minimal and absolutely contemporary style.

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Light up your walls with personalized messages! The Seletti Alphafont collection allows you to create a truly trendy “arty” atmosphere in your home. Made of neon, these lamps have a minimal and absolutely contemporary style. Thanks to the 26 large letters (H 35 cm) proposed, you have the possibility to write whatever you want: your name, a message, a mantra, the name of an object… all in a retro kitsch Las Vegas atmosphere! A very graphic collection, which makes up a bright and playful abcedary. You can use each letter separately, or combine them to compose the word of your choice. These lamps are designed to be fixed to the wall (hooks provided). The neon of the 'Alphafont' wall lights can also serve as a refill for the lamps of the Alphacrete collection (sold separately). Each Neon Alphafont letter is equipped with two black cables (L 26 cm) ending with two connectors: one of the cables is connected to the electrical transformer (sold separately) and the other cable is connected, if needed, to another Alphafont wall lamp. To use your (or your) Neon Alphafont wall lights, you must purchase the adapted Alpha electrical transformer, sold separately. Three transformers are proposed, to be chosen according to the number of lamps to be connected: connection of 1 lamp, or from 2 to 3 lamps, or from 4 to 5 lamps. The electrical transformer is equipped with a long cable (L 193 cm) that simply plugs into a power outlet. You can obviously use different transformers if you want to write a message of more than 5 letters. Indoor use only.

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