Piero Gatti

Piero Gatti is an architect born and lived in the Piedmontese city of Turin. Precisely, the architect's birth year is to be found in the 1940 year.

Piero Gatti has always had a creative inclination towards some arts, in particular towards design and architecture.

After completing his studies, his interests led him to meet with two other talented young men, viz Cesare Paolini e Franco Teodoro. The three made themselves known by the manufacturer Zanotta and it was there that they managed to give birth to one of the most beautiful projects in the history of design, namely the Sacco armchair.

Thanks to the Sacco armchair, an example of utility and aesthetic style, Piero Gatti gained fame and success and was interviewed by various magazines of national and international caliber.

Piero Gatti died in April 2017 in Grosseto, where, having moved for some time, he continued to carry out his work as an architect and was involved in politics.

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