Lucidi Pevere Studio

Lucidi Pevere Studio is formed by the two designers Luca Pevere, class 1977, and Paolo Lucidi, class 1974, graduates from the Polytechnic of Milan in Industrial Design.

Lucidi Pevere Studio

Lucidi Pevere Studio

The two designers subsequently perfected their training by working in famous design studios in the Lombard capital, in particular by taking part in several important projects for various companies such as American Standard, Mitsubishi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Zerodisegno, Hitachi.

Paolo and Luca, therefore, began to sign the first collaborative projects starting from the year 2003. In 2006, then, they decided to found, also in Milan, the Lucidi Pevere studio with the aim of addressing the most varied sectors, including that of supplies, tableware, lighting, and bathroom. Specifically, their products have also been included in some museums in Europe and the United States. In addition, it is interesting to remember the international exhibitions in which they took part as well as the publications in magazines and books.

The birth of Lucidi Pevere Studio: the awards for a prestigious design work

As already mentioned, Luca Pevere and Paolo Lucidi graduated in Milan and obtained a prestigious professional training. The two designers started developing their projects starting with 2003 and later founding Lucidi Pevere Studio in 2006.

Today, Paolo and Luca continually face new challenges by resorting to aesthetic means and techniques that are anything but conventional in order to develop innovative forms of products.

Among the most famous brands they work with, it is possible to mention: Very Wood, Living Divani, Agape, De Padova, Kristalia, Emu, Zanotta, DeCastelli, Teracrea, La Cividina and many others. Given the undeniable prestige of their work, the products made have already been published in various museums around the world, also winning very important prizes such as, for example, the Red Hot Design Award and the Designpreis Deutschland. In addition, we must not forget how Lucidi Pevere Studio obtained the honorable mention at the Compasso d'Oro among the many awards.