Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is an English designer who has profoundly marked the way of understanding furnishing accessories for the home, also thanks to a long collaboration with the talented Cappellini.

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison

In fact, the artist, graduated from a prestigious London university, has been characterized since the early years for the creation of furnishing accessories rich in style and elegance, but always essential and functional, starting with the first armchairs and mirrors, all characterized with a minimalist imprint.

Morrison's long list of longsellers can be summed up in the creation of essential furnishing accessories, whose qualities are undoubtedly represented by originality and elegance, all without the use of complex or eccentric design lines.

Biography and curiosity about Jasper Morrison: a successful designer

Jasper Morrison was born in London in 1959, and in 1986, after graduating, he began a long collaboration with another design artist of the time: Cappellini.
At the same time he opened his own studio, and together with Cappellini he dedicated himself to the first design creations: armchairs, armchairs, tables and chairs with a unique design.

Subsequently he deals with the design of small home furnishings, such as vases and mirrors: it is impossible not to notice the distinctive features of his creations, because these objects clearly denote the style that Morrison wanted to impart to his creations: originality and simplicity. , to create furnishing accessories that were able to perfectly match any style of furniture, especially modern and classic.

Morrison's current career: future projects and new design styles

Morrison, constantly engaged in new design projects, always tends to give the latter a minimalist imprint, but for this reason they appear elegant and able to be placed in modern environments, always giving priority to the function of the object to make it comfortable, functional and useful, but without ever neglecting its aesthetics.

Morrison's intent is to create objects with a minimalist design, aware that a designer, to be successful, must always aim at the essentiality of aesthetics, but without ever forgetting the primary function of furnishing accessories: the utility they must guarantee to the buyer.

Today the designer Jasper Morrison has an active office in London, a branch in the city of Paris and even one in Tokyo; works for large and important international brands, such as Sony and Samsung.

All Morrison's collections, to date, are created with a common philosophy: that of the "super normal" as the ideal of beauty of object complements, a philosophy that the artist has embraced since his first collections: objects designed for a normal and simple daily use, without frills but able to liven up the rooms, with the possibility of being easily inserted into any private environment.


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