Cini Boeri

Maria Cristina Mariani Dameno, known as Cini Boeri, is an established Italian architect and designer, one of the few to enjoy international fame and success. At the age of 27 years, after obtaining a degree from the Polytechnic of Milan, he began an internship at the studio of Giò Ponti. Within a few years he started an important collaboration with the Italian designer Marco Zanuso, considered by many sources one of the founding fathers of Italian industrial design.

Cini Boeri

Cini Boeri

In 1963, Cini Boeri starts its own professional activity, aimed at the field of civil architecture and industrial design. His focus is more on the study of spaces and psychological connections between man and the environment. In the industrial sector, he designs furniture design elements and other building components.

The most important works of Cini Boeri.

Many of his works have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious and important museums in the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Louvre in Paris, reflecting the important value of his work. Among these it is impossible not to mention Ghost or Ghost Chair (literally ghost chair), one of the most successful pieces of furniture; the design of this chair is unique: it is essentially composed of a single sheet of glass, shaped in such a way as to form at the same time both the seat, the backrest and the armrests.

This work has quickly become a classic of contemporary design and has been exhibited in the most prestigious museums in the world. Another milestone Cini Boeri joins him with Bobo, an armchair that can be used both as a high armchair and as an armchair for psychoanalysis.

It is by studying the possible applications of polyurethane, which Cini Boeri creates Bobo: the first armchair to be made "entirely from a block of polyurethane with different densities, without an internal core". A true masterpiece that has made the history of industrial design.

The most important awards.

Cini Boeri has held several university chairs and held many conferences and lectures at universities and institutions, both in Italy and around the world. Many awards were also received over the years: the appointment of honorary member of the ADI, Industrial Design Association, received the Compasso d'Oro award (the oldest and most authoritative world design award), the Lifetime Achievement Award received by the Institute of Italian Culture in Los Angeles, and was named Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (it is currently considered the highest award in Italy).

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