Bartoli Design

Bartoli Design was born at the end of the nineties, when Paolo, Anna and their father, Carlo Bartoli, started to create projects together becoming then an associated study in 2007.

Bartoli Design

Bartoli Design

But everything comes to life from Carlo Bartoli many years before.

The architect was born in 1931 and thanks to the various teachings of the most important Italian designers he graduated in architecture in Milan in 1957. Just two years later Carlo founded his own studio and from here began his freelance profession in the building sector.

Bartoli began collaborating with various Italian companies, building churches, houses and villas, becoming a point of reference in the Italian scene.

But not only. In fact, his commitment in the field of industrial design leads him to create products that have become part of collections displayed in museums in New York and Paris. Thanks to his successful career, which in 2016 will allow him to obtain the Compasso d'Oro ADI, he decides to found the Bartoli Design studio, together with his two children, Anna and Paolo. The studio develops architectural and interior design projects but also works in an urban context. In 2008 the team received the 606st Compasso d'Oro following the creation of a chair called RXNUMXUno, designed for Segis with Fauciglietti Engineering.

Design philosophy of Bartoli Design

The philosophy of Bartoli Design has always been to create long-lasting products, capable of persisting over time, and giving the feeling of always having been there, where they had initially been positioned. Design objects that must also give those who buy them a feeling of comfort and well-being, also stimulating the imagination.

The team is oriented towards a simple design, but a result of a meticulous process. The principles underlying the realization of Bartoli Design's projects are sincerity, loyalty to Italian tradition and continuous research, mainly due to recent technological innovations.

Within the Bartoli Design studio, the different members develop ideas and then combine them together to create products capable of amaze the public.

Very important for the team is the relationship with leading companies in the furniture sector, which allow the increasingly extensive sale of their products and projects.

Bartoli Design starts from the concept of the article and then creates prototypes, up to the finished product, also dealing with communication strategies and the creation of exhibition spaces and installations, where all the new projects of the team are shown.


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