tom Dixon

tom DixonThe designer Tom Dixon founded the Tom Dixon Ltd brand in 2002 and began producing furnishing accessories related to lighting and to the recall of experiments on waste materials. A tribute to his expressive roots, which led the artist to the publication in 2013 of the volume "Dixionary", a passionate collection of a man who dedicated his life not to the creation of design objects, but to the creation of design itself .

Tom Dixon was born of a Tunisian father and a Franco-Latvian mother, he grew up in London where, as an autodidact, he became interested in creating furniture by initially using post-industrial recycling materials.

Tom Dixon begins to be known for his particular lines of furniture, but, like a mind in constant growth, he extends his creative passion in any sector, the capite to shot: houses, clothing lines, accessories, furniture and lamps. He founds the company that bears his name in the 2002, after gaining experience in other locations by pursuing the philosophy that, by welding recycled materials, works of art can be obtained.

Style and production.

From his productions we understand how for idol he doesn't have a particular designer: he refers in fact to architects of the caliber of Eiffel and Richard Buckminster Fuller.

With furniture also in a permanent collection of the MoMA in New York, he is recently involved in projects on an international scale. Decidedly nonconformist, his concrete and solid style is also defined as "vertebral" by the criticism for the commitment that he puts in the realization and definition of the structure of his products.


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