Fiam is a company that was born in 1973 from the merger of several companies, primarily Fullet, due to the initiative of Vittorio Livi.
This company produces curved glass furnishing elements. The processing of the materials are both artisanal and industrial.

Important collaborations.

Establishing international collaborations over time, for example with Ron arad, Marcel Wanders, Philipe Stark and Xavier Lust, today boasts many products on display in 25 museums scattered around the world: one of them is the Ghost armchair, designed and planned by Cini Boeri, this armchair is the first to be monolithic and that is made from a single sheet of thick 12 mm glass.

Adaptability and personality of the furniture.

Boasting forty years of production, this company has enormous experience in the design and production of furnishing elements: starting from simple curved colored glass, up to design tables of various shapes, Fiam Italia SPA is a guarantee of safety and pay attention to new trends. The evolution of interior furnishings is born, grows and continues from the brilliant minds of this particular handful of craftsmen.


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