VezzDesign - original custom projects. The revolution of the kitchen

VezzDesign - original custom projects. The revolution of the kitchen it has been modified: 2021-09-24 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

From the over twenty years of experience of the VezzDesign group in the contract sector, a new reality is born in Crema aimed at offering intelligent and personalized furnishing solutions, between manufacturing innovation and aesthetic versatility.

Since 1998 the international VezzDesign group, led by Massimo Vezzoni, has been dedicated to the development and implementation of projects for the construction sector of residential complexes, hotels and industrial residences. After more than twenty years of constant commitment to bringing the qualitative and aesthetic excellence of Made in Italy to the world, passing through the Middle East and North Africa, the company from Crema has inaugurated an innovative start-up aimed at extending and reinventing the skills acquired so far in the field of contract to directly address contemporary customers in search of alternative furnishing solutions.

The mission of the new VezzDesign division begins with the launch of a new concept of kitchen, one hundred percent green, able to combine structural eternity and stylistic evolution, offering ample space for customization. This revolutionary constructive and aesthetic idea has materialized in the VezzKitchen range, entirely made in Crema, consisting of a vast assortment of indoor and outdoor kitchen models united by the steel structure, which ensures resistance and longevity, and by the exclusive x- system. door, which favors maximum versatility, allowing you to easily replace the doors and make them unique through numerous finishes.

Modularity, eco-sustainability and customization are the strengths of a farsighted reality that aims to intercept the expectations of new targets attentive to every detail, offering them multiple advantages. VezzDesign kitchens, synonymous with manufacturing innovation and stylistic versatility, are in fact an impeccable and intelligent response to the requests of architects and the most receptive users thanks to the use of sturdy, safe and completely recyclable materials, for a choice of reliable, original, dynamic and naturally sustainable furniture.

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