Water becomes design with the Neoperl MIKADO® aerator

Mikado aerator by Neoperl
Water becomes design with the Neoperl MIKADO® aerator it has been modified: 2021-08-02 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

From the Novara company, leader in the sector, an aerator that gives creativity to the flow of water.

MIKADO® by Neoperl is the aerator that transforms the individual jets of water creating a grid jet with a unique visual texture, a real eye-catcher when washing your hands: delicate, clear and harmonious.
By adjusting the geometric properties of the individual jets and their intensity, MIKADO® allows you to alternate, while the water flows, vigorous massaging sensations with soft and relaxing effects. Thanks to the innovation and creativity that distinguish it, MIKADO®, much appreciated by architects and designers, has won the Red Dot Award 2016, one of the most important international awards dedicated to design.

MIKADO® is available in three models, which differ in flow design, from tight to expanded mesh. In the name of maximum functionality and efficiency, MIKADO® is equipped with PCA® technology, which ensures the maintenance of a constant flow, regardless of pressure variations, to the benefit of energy savings.

In addition, MIKADO® is also available with the SLC® system, Easy-To-Clean: extremely easy cleaning and protection from limescale is thus guaranteed, thanks to the surface made of elastomer, which allows limescale to be eliminated without removing the aerator. , activating the flow and rubbing it with a finger.

Where to buy the Neoperl MIKADO® aerator

If you are interested in purchasing of the Neoperl MIKADO® aerator or you want to know its price you can find it on Amazon to this link.

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