With the new Falmec Light extractor hood, suction becomes ultra-compact

Falmec ultra compact extractor hood Light
With the new Falmec Light extractor hood, suction becomes ultra-compact it has been modified: 2021-07-01 di Benedict Flowers

Superb in every aspect, the Falmec's new Light extractor hood it is pure innovation, perfectly applied to a light and contemporary design. An island solution with a great visual impact, which becomes the absolute protagonist of the kitchen environment, whether it is an independent space or "in dialogue" with the living area.

What makes Light an extraordinary product are the geometry of perfect lines that draw a refined profile, and an ultra-compact suction body, expression of a new incredibly "revolutionary" aspiration.

The hood, in fact, is characterized by a central element in tempered smoked glass of 120 cm or 180 cm and two side profiles in black anodized satin aluminum, which integrate LED strips, for a light that spreads along the entire lower perimeter of the two components. . 

The suction body, ultra compact in height, is made possible by the new Falmec technology, Multi-Air: the result of the company's experience and the continuous search for innovative solutions. Multi-Air, in fact, distributes the suction power, normally concentrated on one motor, in several small motors, to guarantee the same suction efficiency in an extremely reduced volume.

The system also includes an effective filtering apparatus, thanks to the application of the exclusive Carbon.Zeo filter technology. The result is evident: greater creative freedom that opens up new design horizons, of which Light is the first example.

Falmec extractor hoods

Founded in 1981 in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), Falmec is today a leader in the production of extractor hoods and air handling solutions, characterized by technological innovation, design and quality, expression of 100% Italian constructive ingenuity. Through a multiphase process that takes place entirely in the Vittorio Veneto factory, near Venice, every single product is treated in detail. The great strength of the brand lies in the ability to combining sophisticated design and new technologies aimed at perfecting the performance of the products, from the silence of the suction to the purification of the air, essential conditions for maintaining a healthy and pleasant home environment, thus improving the comfort and quality of time spent at home.

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