Clap! 3D by Déco brings the new frontier of sustainable coatings into homes

Clap! 3D by Déco brings the new frontier of sustainable coatings into homes it has been modified: 2021-06-21 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

The floor covering plays a fundamental role in environments because, with color, texture, material and tactile sensations, determines the style and atmosphere general space.
For this reason, the utmost attention is paid to the choice of these surfaces.
Today, thanks to the constant search for Deco, the season of sustainable coatings for Clap! 3D interiors, consisting of staves in stone powder and polymers, which bring the mastery of representing natural wood to the highest levels.

Clap! 3D represents the perfect synchrony between touch and sight: its slats faithfully recreate the veins, fibers, knots and colors of natural wood, sealing the three-dimensional revolution of coatings.
This unmatched realism gives the rooms all the warmth of parquet with superior performance compared to natural wood and stoneware.

A solution that allows you to achieve robustness, resistance and performance unique even in humid environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Clap! 3D can therefore be installed in all rooms, obtaining a pleasant effect of uniformity and expansion of the space, also thanks to the absence of joints between the slats which makes it immune to moisture infiltration.

The slats, with skilfully studied textures and material effects, allow maximum design freedom to satisfy residential interior design thanks also to the introduction of the maxi plank, measuring 1.800 x 228 x 6 mm.

In addition, the slats are equipped with a built-in acoustic mat, for a total thickness of 6mm, laid dry on the screed or on the pre-existing floor for advantageous acoustic insulation and a high level of impact sound absorption. All without the use of adhesives.

Clap! 3D is eco-sustainable: thanks to its formula consisting of mineral powder combined with the polymeric component, it employs al 100% recyclable materials in compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.

It is a antibacterial solution, with a very high resistance to abrasion, scratches and impacts, with a closed pore surface that prevents the absorption of any type of stain.
Cleaning does not require special precautions, simple and fast, a non-abrasive detergent is sufficient.

Its advantages also arise with installation performed with floating system and waterproof U-Click joint between the planks. A simple and intuitive solution that makes installation quicker and therefore cheaper, also favoring “do-it-yourself” installation.
Installation on radiant panels is possible, a solution that is also appreciated after assembly, as Clap! 3D absorbs and spreads heat much more quickly than stoneware.

Clap! 3D boards deliver eleven types of essence, for a wide and varied collection, which represents the ideal response to contemporary design needs.
Architects and interior designers can create atmospheres capable of satisfying, in particular, a request that was previously impossible: having the same charm, warmth, tactile sensation and living experience of parquet, intact over time, for warm and safe, efficient and practical environments. , respecting the ecosystem.

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