Casanova by Rubinetterie Stella. The contemporary look of neoclassicism

Casanova by Rubinetterie Stella. The contemporary look of neoclassicism it has been modified: 2021-07-04 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The harmony and refinement of classical architecture find an interesting reinterpretation in the innovative collection by Maurizio Duranti.

The grandeur of the Greek and Roman architectural structures, revived by the neoclassical buildings, inspired Maurizio Duranti in the design of the Casanova series, with a prestigious and decidedly sui generis design.
The important volumes of the faucet, with cannetted surfaces that refer to classic pilasters, are wisely balanced by the absolute harmony of proportions, enhancing the cleanliness and stylistic sobriety of an object that goes beyond its perfect functional efficiency.

Casanova, in fact, expresses everything elegance and refinement of the multifaceted Venetian citizen to whom it owes its name, that is to say that sophisticated Venice with a never-dormant charm.
To allow the inclusion of this refined collection in the most diverse furnishing contexts, Rubinetterie Stella offers a wide range of finishes. In addition to traditional chrome, nickel, brushed nickel and PVD nickel, PVD brass, 24-karat gold, bronze and dark bronze, matte black and the exclusive rose gold version are available.

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