Geshary coffee in Tokyo: the refined Geisha coffee oasis designed by Takeda Katsuya

Geshary Coffee in Tokyo: An Exclusive Coffee Shop dedicated to Geisha Coffee, the result of the collaboration between the Geshary company and the architect Takeda Katsuya.


Few words: When Writing Becomes Art on the Walls

Artist Andrea Cerquiglini created the Pocheparole Capsule Collection for WallPepper®/Group, transforming writing into visual art to decorate walls.


A silent block of streaked white concrete: the house that integrates with its surroundings through its serenity

RiscoWhite is a vertically striped white concrete building located in Barcelinhos, Portugal, which integrates perfectly with the surrounding green landscape and history.


From Monotonous Space to Vital Place: The Transformation of Azatlyk Square in Russia by the DROM studio

Transformation of Azatlyk Square in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, from a monotonous public space to a vibrant and contemporary one thanks to the work of the DROM architectural team in collaboration with Strelka KB.


In San Francisco, a 1974 house transformed into an elegant symphony of wood and color: the Redwood House in Noe Valley

Studio Terpeluk transforms a 1974 home in San Francisco, expertly mixing redwood and bold colors.