Unleaded by Gattoni Rubinetteria. The lead-free mixer for the kitchen

Unleaded by Gattoni Rubinetteria. The lead-free mixer for the kitchen it has been modified: 2021-07-20 di Gattoni Rubinetteria Press

Gattoni Rubinetteria pays great attention to kitchen proposals, combining aesthetic care and functional practicality.

Inspired by the Green Attitude that has always characterized the brand, Unleaded is the most technologically advanced collection of sink mixers among the proposals for the kitchen in the Gattoni catalog. Unleaded is, in fact, "lead-free" thanks to the innovative Bluewave® raw material, the exclusive completely lead-free alloy that ensures the purity of drinking water. Bluewave® avoids the harmful release of heavy metals, in compliance with national and European regulatory provisions, and takes advantage of the antibacterial properties of copper, guaranteeing the maximum purity of the water supplied.

The Unleaded range, in addition to guaranteeing the healthiness of the water, satisfies the most diverse aesthetic and functional needs, thanks to the refined and contemporary design, the ergonomic levers the mixer is equipped with, or, as in the 0655 model, the kit with hand shower retractable pull-out. Its light volumes and essential lines are perfect for elegantly enhancing modern kitchens.

Gattoni Rubinetteria dedicates ample space to personalization also in the kitchen: Unleaded is in fact available in the three new trendy total-look brushed nickel, matt black and matt white finishes, perfect choices for an elegant and minimalist style of great relevance.

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