O-box fixing system. OMBG facilitates the installation of the built-in shower

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O-box fixing system. OMBG facilitates the installation of the built-in shower it has been modified: 2024-05-23 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

From the company the intelligent solution that promotes savings in time and costs.

OMBG, specialist in thermostatic mixing, includes among its "workhorses" O-box: the practical wall fixing box for built-in showers that ensures quick and easy installation, as well as versatility of use.

The functional system that accompanies some OMBG series is supplied with the thermostatic mixer already pre-installed and allows the installation operations to be completed in a few simple steps. Made up of a transparent plastic cover which is removed after being cut to the necessary size, once the mechanical components have been connected to the hot and cold water inlets, it allows you to choose the external decorative part at a later time. Thanks to O-box, in fact, it is possible to benefit from a wide freedom of customization in the bathroom space, opting for plates and handles of different shapes and styles. This solution improves aesthetics and guarantees tightness, avoiding the escape of any micro leaks and isolating both from humidity and vibrations. Furthermore, it presents precise indications regarding the installation depth, promoting significant savings in time and costs on the installer's work.

O-box can be applied both on masonry and plasterboard walls, in the versions with shut-off tap, with two- and three-way diverter (with and without combined outlet) with two or three knobs (consisting of diverter and shut-off tap, to be two diverters or two shut-off taps), or it can be made up of single elements with which to create customized combinations. Finally, O-box can be combined with the thermostatic mixer equipped with on/off button, complete with easily replaceable cartridge and characterized by a double anti-limescale cleaning system that is activated every time it is operated. OMBG with this product best summarizes the virtues of authentic made in Italy.

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