Donegal Series by OMBG. Classic charm, modern precision

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Donegal Series by OMBG. Classic charm, modern precision it has been modified: 2024-06-06 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The thermostatic mixer can combine the aesthetic refinement of tradition with the most advanced technologies.

OMBG thermostatic mixers represent true excellence in the sector. Made to perfection, entirely made in Italy, they condense construction quality and aesthetic pleasure. Advanced, practical and reliable technological solutions are concentrated within products designed to last over time, both on a functional and stylistic level. The Donegal range of thermostatic shower mixers, for example, combines shapes with classic elegance and mechanical precision with modern precision.

Past and present meet in a coaxial and thermostatic product, with soft and rounded shapes: the sinuous lines recall the timeless charm of traditional furnishings, to give the bathroom a pleasant vintage touch while ensuring cutting-edge performance. The concentric external thermostatic shower mixer, in particular, features retro elements such as the iconic cross handle to regulate the temperature and the white ceramic lever to manage the flow.

The range also includes several built-in versions and two models of external bath mixer. Finally, the intrinsic value of the products is attested by the thermostatic cartridge and the closing system designed by OMBG, synonymous with certified quality.

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