Foscarini MyLight, an increasingly personal light

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Foscarini MyLight, an increasingly personal light it has been modified: 2021-07-02 di Benedetto Fiori

In addition to the new products, Foscarini will present ad euroluce MyLight,
for an increasingly personal and customizable light.

With MyLight Foscarini takes note of the many facets that make up the lives of people, each of which falls into different social, ethical and cultural contexts: translating these uniqueness, it allows its lamps to act in a targeted way on people, no longer interpreted as an indistinct unicum. Thanks to control systems of intensity and color of light, Foscarini makes it possible for everyone to define unique and individual meanings and usefulness to their living environments.

MyLight It is available on a wide range of LED models from the Foscarini collection. It will thus be possible to customize the light intensity for Plena, Spokes, Surface, Bahia, Le Soleil, Rituals suspension, Buds, Gregg suspension, Tartan, Gem and Aplomb large.

Moreover, for the two iconic models Caboche suspension and Twiggy terra, you can not only adjust the intensity of the light but also its temperature: a solution that simulates the natural light of the day and adapts to personal and environmental needs, with the goal of bringing together the characteristics of light with the circadian rhythms of the human being. Warm and cold light can be mixed and "dimmed" to reproduce the color levels of sunlight throughout the day.

My Light is Foscarini's answer to the new design orientation, which moves ever more from "how to do", understood in the sense of how to design a good product well, to "what to do", understood as the strategy that re-orientates the product into a wider scenario, a child of profound change and sharing in progress. A design, therefore, more flexible and open, which is not only concerned with giving form and content to the physical product but also capable of connecting different knowledge, from the technological sciences to the humanistic ones.

Through MyLight, thanks to an application powered by Casambi, which can be activated and used via bluetooth from your smart device, it will be possible to detect your Foscarini MyLight lamps nearby and adjust the lighting effect, to make your light, your lamp, more unique and personal. , own home.

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