FACE RELOADED by SIRECOM. The faces of the custom-made carpet

FACE RELOADED by SIRECOM. The faces of the custom-made carpet it has been modified: 2022-05-20 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The company based in Concorezzo creates bespoke furnishing elements, able to accommodate the facets of contemporary living starting from the hand-knotting of natural and precious materials.

The living spaces, the professional ones and the hospitality ones, are moving in a perspective of ever greater openness, becoming more and more fluid. At the same time, in a context of progressive lowering of the barriers between one room and another, there is a growing need to identify environments through furnishing elements that can be customized in every detail and feature. The carpet, thanks to the handcrafted and custom-made solutions offered by SI-RECOM, can become the perfect background to underline the unique character of a home, office or hotel.

In compliance with a historical evolution that has seen in its contours and in the surface delimited by them the common thread of its function, today the carpet reshapes the boundaries of contemporary living, leaving a wide margin of freedom to designers and planners. The silent gestures of distant cultures resonate within the cradles of modern design, supporting the facets of space and those who live in it.
Adhering to this mission, the FACE RELOADED collection, the result of the design collaboration with Dainelli Studio, pays homage to both Cubist painters and the rigor of the Bauhaus, composing and breaking down faces, through abstract geometries and stylized profiles. Bamboo silk, hand-knotted 100 knots on three levels of thickness, gives light and softness, enlivening the fragmentation of faces and profiles, in the contrast between bright colors that stand out against the neutral background. FACE RELOADED, like the other SI-RECOM proposals, can be declined in different shapes, sizes and shades in the name of maximum customization. The company has also implemented the opportunities for dialogue with its primary interlocutors - interior designers and architects - by providing a download area for the 3d models of each SIRECOM carpet. It is a useful b2b tool, which can be accessed upon registration or through the most famous vertical design platforms, to be used to enrich virtual environments, configurations and personal projects or mood-boards. The Sirecom carpet takes on value as a new discreet, elegant and natural protagonist of contemporary furniture.

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