Adrenalina presents SWING collection of essential and versatile sofas and armchairs.

Adrenalina presents SWING collection of Debonademeo design sofas and armchairs
Adrenalina presents SWING collection of essential and versatile sofas and armchairs. it has been modified: 2021-07-19 di Benedetto Fiori

from the meeting Adrenalin and the Italian duo Debonademeo the experimentation of new scenarios is born, characterized by a more sober and essential design. The importance of the master craftsmen is one of the elements that unites the design universe of the two designers with the company which has its roots in the craftsmanship that uses its experience to develop simple shapes with refined details. Another element is the freedom of expression and the exploration of new aesthetic territories.

“For some time we have felt attracted to the world of Adrenalina, recognizable for its iconic products, never banal and for a sense of expressive freedom that can be identified in the shapes and colors. Once we got to the heart of this reality, we realized how this sense of freedom is not only apparent, but can be felt at every stage of production: from sharing briefs to perfecting projects; from prototyping to the choice of materials, from finishes to the selection of fabrics. A sense of freedom that is added to the professionalism and know-how of all the collaborators who participate in the development of new collections. "

Luke DeBona e Dario DeMeo

Swing is a collection of sofas and armchairs that mixes historical reminiscences with an innovative design. The structure is in metal tubing to which the fabric seat is attached. 

"We were inspired by the concept of synaesthesia, trying to make different sensations coexist in a sofa. The stiffness of the structure is accompanied by the softness of the padding, the coldness of the metals dresses and warms up by means of the fabrics which, in turn, are combined according to use. - say the designers - At first glance, a rigorous and composed design appears, but as soon as you sit down the sensations change and you perceive a sense of freedom, comfort and well-being. For this reason we called it Swing, a term with multiple meanings: like the swing that is evoked by the structure of the sofa on which the seats seem to hang; like the rhythm and the typical dance of the 20s and 30s with a fluctuating and dynamic trend, which is perceived at first glance seeing the alternation of full and empty, straight and curved lines, vertical and horizontal. " 

The designers Luke DeBona e Dario DeMeo

technical sheet Swing sofa and armchair

Designers: Debonademeo
Type: sofa, armchair
Coating: Pierre Frey wool bouclé, Pierre Frey synthetic lamb, Kvadrat wool
Materials: Tubular metal frame, polyurethane padding
Dimensions:: 1P W79 D81 H81 Hs45, 2P W150 D81 H81 Hs45, 3P W221 D81 H81 Hs45,

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