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Soft Design, the padding tailor made

SpHaus - Spock
SpHaus - Spock
Soft Design, the padding tailor made it has been modified: 2016-06-01 di jessica zannori

9 - Caps - Low Pad

Polyurethane heat-sensitive, water-resistant, viscoelastic, fire-resistant, or vegetable raw materials. SOFT DESIGN is the new concept to present and touch polyurethanes different, that not everyone knows, with extremely varied characteristics result of large and constant investments in research and development.

SOFT DESIGN was born, on the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2016As a bridge between the world of production and research and design.

The project aims to create opportunities for contact between the different sectors operators with the opportunity to deepen the characteristics of polyurethanes and their potential uses.

"The polyurethane - said Marco Pelucchi President AIPEF the association of flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers - is the soft material par excellence which is already widely used in the world of design and furnishing. The continuous research in our field, favored by the collaboration with major international manufacturers of additives and components, has generated an incredible variety of configurations to accommodate all the needs of the designer. Each of our member companies has in its catalog over a hundred polyurethane products with different characteristics.

The quality, durability and the specificity of a session depend largely on the type of padding, and the polyurethane, with its multiple of density and lift variables, it is able to provide products with characteristics "tailor made" for each specific need .

Often, however, the same padded manufacturers which usually turn to transformers for the completion of the sessions, do not know about it and continue to use for years the same polyurethane.

These materials that we present here at Soft Design - concludes Pelucchi - represent a great opportunity for the world of industrial production and for design and allow us to continuously experiment with new methods of application to create true innovation "

The multiple fields of application of polyurethane products make are suitable for universal material, suitable to meet an endless amount of functional requirements. From the world of home and furniture, SOFT DESIGN brings together a number of examples of emblematic products of the different ways of interpreting the polyurethane: shaped sheet, coupled, foamed, printed.

SOFT DESIGN, through a new exhibition format, represents a new formula to communicate the performance qualities of the flexible polyurethane foam. A comprehensive review of the materials, which the companies associated with Polyurethane-is produce combined with an exhibition of design objects made with different types of polyurethane, by major furniture companies: Camping, Giorgetti, Fast, Felicerossi, Living and SpHaus. A meeting of design, ergonomics and innovative materials to promote new ideas, develop new features and new products.

8 - Felicerossi - Divine

7 - Campsites - Santapouf

6 SpHaus Fargo


5 - Living Divani - Ile

4 - Giorgetti - Arabella

3 - Fast - Joint

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