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Furniture Fair 2017: how will the 56esima edition

Salone del Mobile 2017 press conference presentation
Furniture Fair 2017: how will the 56esima edition it has been modified: 2017-02-27 di Benedetto Fiori

How will the Salone del Mobile 2017? With the slogan “Design is a state of its own. And Milan is its capital ", which reaffirms a state of affairs, that is the central role of Milan in the furniture sector and in the culture of the project, but also a close collaboration with the city, the 56th edition of. The start in less than 60 days, the appointment is at Fiera Milano Rho, and in all the districts of the iridescent fuorisalone, from The 4 9 April 2017.

The formula of the Furniture Fair 2017 is basically to last year, except for small adjustments that follow the themes introduced in the last edition.

The preparation of the Salone del Mobile proceeds with a marked positivity, the data coming from the international markets are encouraging and speak of a continuous growth of Italian furniture. The strong international vocation of the Salone del Mobile in fact attracted 67% of high-profile foreign operators with strong purchasing power to the last edition. The good performance recorded by the sector in the first ten months of 2016 gives hope to be able to confirm this trend also in the coming months.

Furniture Show 2017 slogan

The conditions for a new success are all there, 5 events: Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, and Workplace3.0 SaloneSatellite, We see a summary of content:

  • After the successful launch of the last edition xLux - The industry dedicated to the timeless luxury reinterpreted in a contemporary way - the Salone Internazionale del Mobile continues its path of renewal with a new format for mobile and classic complement, In 2 and 4 pavilions, that starting from the extension of the name Classic: Tradition in the future offer a more homogeneous and balanced layout, without any discontinuity.
    A "promenade" Central will accompany the visitor in an environment that draws on values ​​such as wealth of knowledge, craftsmanship, mastery in the art of making furniture and objects in a classical style. To accompany the new Classic They will be replicated theater and a room of Before Design: Classic, The project successfully presented at the last edition of the Salone Mobile.Milano, together with the award-winning short film director Matteo Garrone.

Classical Tradition in the future

  • Euroluce, his 29a edition, It is dedicated to the best market in the world of offers: from the decorative lighting products to those - which are used in industrial lighting, street, performances and the hospital system - up to lighting and home automation systems, light sources and software for the technologies of light. All divided with a particular attention to energy saving, environmental sustainability e light pollution.
  • Workplace3.0 - Its 18a edition - is instead an exhibition proposal with an innovative concept dedicated to the design and technology for the design of the workspace and is proposed as the event-response to the rapid change in the world of work and new market needs. On display the best proposals for office furniture, banks and insurance institutions, post offices and public environments; seating for offices and communities, elements for acoustics, interior partitions and coverings, office furnishings, audio-video technologies and technical and security systems.
  • Inevitable SaloneSatellite, in pavilions 22 and 24 with free admission to the public from Cargo 5, a meeting place for young people selected from 5 continents, entrepreneurs, architects, interior designers and the press. Theme of this 20th edition, “DESIGN is…?”: An open, current and crucial question.
    The 20 years SaloneSatellite will be celebrated with Collection SaloneSatellite 20 years - A special edition pieces made specifically draw from international designers, who have seen the beginnings of their careers in SaloneSatellite - and SaloneSatellite. 20 years of new creativity, a major exhibition at the Steam Factory, curated by Beppe Finessi: An anthology of pieces presented during the twenty editions of SaloneSatellite as prototypes and then entered the market, including the catalogs of prestigious companies and widespread, and other productive areas of special significance.
    Eighth edition instead for the SaloneSatellite Award competition.
  • Delightful (Pad. 15) edited by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, A visual and sensory journey in everyday life and in contemporary space, reflecting on the new generations and explores their new way of living and conceiving the domestic space: fluid and transverse, in the balance between technology and living archetypes, between the public and private, primary needs and new desires, of creativity and of overcoming traditional divisions into functional areas.
    Common thread of this reflection They are technology, design, and light, fundamental aspects, complementary and necessary in the definition of contemporary living and its essential spaces. Design, Light, Future, Living: These are the four key concepts, summarized in DelightfulThat guide and express all facets of the exhibition-and contents.

Delightful edited by Ciarmoli Queda Studio

Delightful, edited by Ciarmoli Queda Studio

  • A Joyful Sense at Work, Curated by Cristiana Cutrona, It tells the vision of the evolutionary scenario, the environment office of the future, Re-establishing innovative content to the theory of the Office product design and spaces working through four installations, each representative of the cultural specificities of the area of ​​origin of the four international architects - Studio O + A Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander (United States), Ahmadi Study Arash Ahmadi (Iran), UNStudio Ben van Berkel and SCAPE Jeff Povlo (Holland) and Studio 5 + 1AA Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo (Italy) who sign them: America, Asia and Europe.
  • Returns, in its second edition, space & interiors, The only event connected with the Mobile.Milano Fair and dedicated to its finish for architecture. From Tuesday to Saturday, April 4 8 2017 April at The Mall Porta Nuova, in the Brera Design District in Milan, surfaces, floors, interior doors and trim will be presented in an exhibition curated the Migliore + Servetto Architects.
    A lounge area will be dedicated to Archicocktails: Various personalities from the world of design and architecture will dialogue with visitors on the design and realization trend.
    Will complete the edition 2017 exhibition Absolute lightness which, through an innovative and interactive digital set-up, will stress the value of the finishes in contemporary architecture.

Il President of Roberto SnaideroThat from next February 15 will pass the baton to the incoming president Emanuele Orsini, announced that for the first time in history the opening of the event will take place with the presence of Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

To get a preview of innovations, products and exhibitors of the Salone del Mobile, the Fuorisalone Milan Design Week and the 2017 we recommend our special.

For more details or ticket information please consult the official website:

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