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Platek draws ETEREA light

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Platek draws ETEREA light it has been modified: ‭2015-06-24 di Platek Press

News home Platek for 2015, ETEREA represents the evolution of the concept of lantern: A solid minimal lines and geometries defined able to camouflage the latest generation LED sources.

Great versatility and excellent performance are the hallmarks of a product like ETEREA, capable of illuminating outdoor spaces with minimum energy absorption and with the highest level of functionality. The clean and contemporary design, entrusted to the Bologna-based firm Danesi & Buzzoni, makes ETEREA a complement of light suitable for use in any outdoor environment.

Available in three finishes - aluminum gray, white and corten - ETEREA it is made of AISI 430 stainless steel and characterized by the total absence of visible screws for a complete uniformity and elegance of the product. The careful study of technical details such as the support feet with anti-scratch rubber and the adjustable retractable handle or useful accessories such as the attachment for fixing the product to the wall, make ETEREA a versatile device, suitable for many design situations. Equipped with low energy consumption sources, the luminaire ensures high-performance lighting by combining energy sustainability with the possibility of creating light scenes of sure impact.

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