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MORELATO: New Collection 2016

Veronese belief
Veronese belief
MORELATO: New Collection 2016 it has been modified: 2016-07-05 di jessica zannori

The company MorelatoAlways attentive observer of market trends, offers as many innovations per year for the 2016 intended for the living area and that night to make a "house Morelato style".

Each product is a perfect synthesis between the texture of wood, an innovative design research and processing techniques that refer to ebaniste traditions. This is the Morelato world.

TABLE MONTALBAN - Design: Itamar Harari

The collaboration with designer Itamar Harari also continues in 2016. The synergy with the company was born a new extensible table: Montalban. After the library Kant and Frank and Gene tables, presented last year, Morelato launches another proposal for the living room. The table, which has always been a symbol of conviviality, is made of walnut with tapered legs and sides by sloping floor of 45 °. This model is a very practical and functional thanks to two internal extensions, each of 45cm, which allow transforming the support surface by L160 to L250.

Dimensions: L P 160 80 78 cm H

5725-N Table Montalban - 02

PEEKABOO SIDEBOARD - Design: Matteo Bianchi

The proposed solutions for the living area is enhanced by a new belief, made entirely of wood as best cabinetmaker tradition. A model that synthesizes practicality and elegance, a combination of shapes, patterns and processes that highlight the handcrafted look typical of Morelato. The doors are inspired by the traditional "shutters" of British homes and a light inside the LED goes beyond creating a bright atmosphere in the surrounding environment. A functional element and at the same time a luminous body. Body and doors are made of walnut, the glass shelves inside and brass feet.

Dimensions: L P 137 55 86 cm H

1717 01 N_Credenza Peekaboo MORELATO

BELIEF VERONESE - Design Center Richerche MAAM

This new belief Morelato, MAAM designed by its Research Centre, is a product made in different wood species that transfer the pattern elegance and timeless style. Indeed, the structure is in ash wood, while the doors are made with maple inlays, walnut and ebony, creating a perspective effect of great visual impact. The inlay cubic prospective, especially for covering the floors, is an art developed in Verona and later in Venice since 1.400. The interior is painted with 3 convenient drawers in the central compartment. The support legs are made of brass, especially the belief that lightens, and transfer a touch of elegance.

Dimensions: L P 200 47 98 cm H

Belief Veronese 02 MORELATO

CHAIR ARKE - Design: Franco Poli

Franco Poli signing for the company Morelato the new chair Arke, made of ash wood with a choice of different finishes for the model customization according to individual taste.

The seat and back are contoured wood and ensure great comfort. Arke is a design synthesis that is the meeting of the cabinet-maker tradition and the evolution of design. An ideal solution for any environment.

Dimensions: L P 46 41 81 cm H


STOOL roll - Design: Free Rutile

Roll is one of the innovations proposed by the Morelato 2016. A project that has participated 2015 edition of the Competition Significant Furniture with the theme "Places of 2.0 relax! - Decorative items for the home relax "and has received an important message from the jury which recognized the" value for the object from the chair with a flexible backrest chaise longue, creating compact but at the same time articulated in space. "Rotolino is an extremely versatile solution, consisting of a few elements that combined give rise to three different furniture: a bench, a chair and a chaise longue. The seat has a soft padded mattress that guarantees maximum comfort in all versions of the model. The structure is made of ash.

Dimensions: L P 62 60 50 cm H




FS3412967 COMPOSITION FORM ZERO - Design: Centro Ricerche MAAM

Morelato is known for the production of libraries to measure quality wood, which you can customize based on their housing needs and taste by choosing from a wide range of colors and finishes to catalog. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2016 the company launches a new Zero module composition with structure in cherry mahogany doors and drawers in natural finish. The material contrast of the two essences creates a visual effect of great impact. The library becomes a sort of giant chessboard in a position to furnish the wall with class and distinctive style, a big picture that frames the surrounding environment and characterizes it.

Dimensions: L H 260 260 35 cm P


FS3412993 COMPOSITION SCALE ZERO - Design: Centro Ricerche MAAM

The new composition presented by Zero Morelato is based on a customization logic for both the dimensions and the choice of accessories to complete the model. Thus, in addition to a light structure and very strict forms, the company offers the possibility to insert shelves and storage containers to create your own bespoke solution. Nordic style of Scale Zero line is the feature that is also found in this new modular declination. A piece of design able to furnish with minimalism any environment both at home and in the office.

This model is made of cherry wood proposed in a natural finish, with shelves and two closed compartments with brick doors. Dimensions: L 168 P 40 H 180 cm


FS3312991 COMPOSITION FORM 900 - Design: Centro Ricerche MAAM

The composition 900 form library is one of the novelties 2016 company Morelato. The structure is made of cherry wood available in natural finish with blue lacquered back panels that create a visually pleasing contrast and give a modern touch to the model.

The composition has a base with drawers and an upper part, the central body, characterized by closed modules with sliding glass doors. Functionality combined with a timeless design is the secret formula to this new creation Morelato.

Dimensions: L P 309 54 322 cm H

FS3312991 COMPOSITION FORM 900 - 01

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