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MIROX 3G AGC: the mirror designed for eco design

GERUND mirror, design Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni
GERUND mirror, design Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni
MIROX 3G AGC: the mirror designed for eco design it has been modified: ‭2016-03-06 di jessica zannori

AGC Flat Glass Italy, The European leader in flat glass production, presents MIROX 3G, the ecological status of third-generation mirror designed for the world of interior design.

Intended for internal use, the high-tech ecological mirror MIROX 3G AGC offers many functional and decorative applications, such as wall cladding, wardrobe doors and furniture, ensuring a long resistance even in wet and hostile environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, where you more assists to corrosion, formation of stains and haze effects.

It is a mirror with excellent technical characteristics that fully reflects AGC's green philosophy: MIROX 3G, in fact, does not contain copper or formaldehyde and complies with the criteria of the European RoHS directive (<0,1% lead). Furthermore, the product has obtained the Cradle to CradleTM Silver certification and has an almost zero level of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde, thus maintaining the quality of the air.

Close attention not only to the environment, but also for safety: the mirror, in fact, is available in the SAFE + version, a special safety film positioned on the rear face of the glass (uniform) that guarantees its safety (in accordance with standard EN12600).

MIROX 3G is a glass easy to clean and highly resistant to aggressive cleaning systems; is 10 times more corrosion resistant (according to the CASS test requirements) and 3 times more resistant to scratches, comparing conventional models.

AGC With this new proposal is confirmed as interlocutor exceptional not only for the world of architecture and construction, but also for the sector furniture and design, with cutting-edge solutions and always unique, the result of continuous investments in research and development and great skill in interpreting the market and its needs. Doing it right the pay off of the parent "Glass Unlimited", AGC Flat Glass Italy is the mouthpiece of the glass culture and guides the evolution, representing an increasingly open global brand to interact with new design areas.

Mirror FITTIPALDI, design Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Mirror FITTIPALDI, design Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni


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