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Matera Design Weekend is a big party on design

Matera Design Weekend
Matera Design Weekend is a big party on design it has been modified: ‭2015-11-25 di Benedict Flowers

New project House Netural, Matera Design Weekend is a festival on design and a series of events, workshops, meetings, all in an informal and festive.

Dall'11 to 13 December Matera Design Weekend is spreading in different parts of the city, where designers meet the companies, where people encounter design.

A local, a place institutional and House Netural turn into domestic showrooms in landscapes inspirational. Matera Design Weekend is an opportunity for relationships, exchanges and events. Matera Design Weekend is all that and much more.

The event, in its first edition, gives space to companies, Italian and international designers, established and emerging realities of the world of design in a territory, as Matera, unprecedented in the world of design. The context, in constant evolution, struck home designers, artisans, traders, companies, to stimulate a debate and engage the audience of non-specialists.

Matera Design Weekend, design is a tool for reflection and urban regeneration, is a cultural and economic heritage to be enhanced, a new development model for the European Capital of Culture 2019.

Matera Design Weekend is rooted in the area - an urban landscape fascinating and unique stimulation and challenge for professionals in architecture and design, - and, at the same time, embracing a new world and cosmopolitan.

Matera Design Weekend is a temporary place to create, invent, design, fascinated by a unique city, its history and its bright future.

For information and registration:

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