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Marchi Group presents the kitchen Saint Louis: current lines and vintage details

Marchi Group presents the kitchen Saint Louis: current lines and vintage details it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di jessica zannori

Today as yesterday. Increasingly, the contemporary furniture is inspired by revisiting the past in modern representation of the style of the past.

The most innovative solutions are those that know how to best mix current lines and needs with vintage details. Marchi Group, a reality on the market for 40 years, leader in the production of handcrafted kitchens, presents a vast collection of models in this style.

Saint Louis is the model that most of all is inspired by years' 50.

The inspiration comes from the post-war years, years in which design is democratized and even the furnishings change from a classic and sumptuous style to a more functional and practical one. Even today, functionality is one of the musts in furniture design. The goal is to optimize the use of the available space with creative design solutions such as modular and modular systems, extendable tables and space-saving furnishing accessories.

The kitchen Saint Louis is the emblem.

It is a kitchen characterized by the use of white lacquers, harmonious movements and soft profiles. Ribbed aluminum, the true fil rouge of the Saint Louis program, can elegantly dress many details of the kitchen, hood, top and doors.

It is a kitchen designed for a young audience or at least for anyone who wants to create an unusual and visually striking. It is a model that does not go unnoticed even while maintaining a very practical and straightforward.

ST LOUIS white

ST LOUIS white 1

ST LOUIS in pink

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