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Manital meets Bartoli Design.

Manital Vortex Bartoli Design
Manital meets Bartoli Design. it has been modified: 2023-03-22 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

Since its foundation, Manital has chosen to collaborate with designers who know how to create handles capable of representing the soul, vision and know-how of the company, always with an eye to the future.

In 2023 the company thus announces the collaboration with the studio Bartoli Design, an encounter that leads to the birth of new models, which will be presented at the Bau 2023 fair (Munich, 17/22 April), capable of further qualifying Manital, its identity and production quality, this time with the contribution of the architects' poetics Anna and Paolo Bartoli, founded on essentiality, balance and research.

As stated by the owner of the company, Luigi Bigoloni: “This new stimulating collaboration will bring to light a collection of refined and elegant handles, typical of the Bartoli Design style. With the models signed by the architects we speak not only of design and aesthetic characteristics, but also of exploration, planning skills, production and all-Italian quality that represents us and makes us proud".

The first handle for doors and windows resulting from this partnership is Vortex, in which volumes and surfaces follow one another and transform themselves fluidly in space. Essential in shape, the handle is defined by a play of curves, thicknesses, shadows and, depending on the finishes, even reflections that make it dialogue with the environment.

Bartoli Design says: “Vortex was born from the idea of ​​experimenting with shapes generated by three-dimensional curves that chase each other, a geometry with no beginning or end, almost as if it were infinite. As in most of our projects, the design is the result of research developed by working with physical models, difficult to define in three-dimensional space with the aid of the computer alone."

Vortex is made of zamak and available in chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, matt bronze, anthracite, black and white finishes.

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