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Suspension lamp ARUMI design: Polishes and Pevere for Foscarini. Preview Salone del Mobile 2017

Arumi pendant lamp
Suspension lamp ARUMI design: Polishes and Pevere for Foscarini. Preview Salone del Mobile 2017 it has been modified: 2017-03-07 di Benedict Flowers

As a rough diamond which reveals inside a magic heart and valuable, Arumi is the new suspension lamp by Foscarini created with the designer duo Transparencies Pevere. A small aluminum gem, lighting comes to life, thanks to the refraction of light shining on the inner surface.

Arumi living in two opposing aesthetic sensations. Outside appears material and opaque, with a rough surface that makes her look just extracted by industrial mold. The aluminum it is made of the body of the lamp is shown in its natural aspect, interspersed with three mountains that give rhythm to the surface. Inside it reveals its second soul: a shiny and smooth metal surface that reflects the rays of the LED light source.

An edge polished also complete the shape of the lamp, making clear the contrast refinement on which is based the design of this small, charming suspension.
Arumi born from the desire to continue the exploration in the field of materials that has characterized the project path of Pevere Transparencies with Foscarini. "We wanted to investigate the multiple aesthetic made of the metal surface. Not only in a tactile level but also visually. "They say the two designers" We searched for this finishes that resulted directly from industrial processes, with an authenticity effect of surfaces and colors. "

Compact in size but characterized by a strong personality, Arumi is a small dome that reflects and projects down the light, enriching it with metal warm reflections. Meant to be offered in various sizes and with different finishes, it is presented as a suspension at the same time versatile and original for a variety of environments and situations.

Arumi pendant lamp

Arumi pendant lamp

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