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The other side of the cardboard

The other side of the cardboard it has been modified: 2018-03-01 di Angelo Lussiana

The Galfer20 Cultural Association hosts: "ANGELO LUSSIANA. The other side of the cardboard "

From 7 to 27 March 2018 at the Cultural Association Galfer20 it will be possible to visit the monographic exhibition "Angelo Lussiana. The other side of the cardboard ".
The artist, originally from Giaveno, exhibited his design objects for the first time in a personal exhibition.
Fascinated by the inherent potential of cardboard, Angelo Lussiana is able to transform this material, poor in origin, into contemporary design objects, refined and functional.
Practicality and elegance: these are the two principles to which the artist remains faithful during the design and construction phases. In fact, each object must necessarily maintain its characteristics when used. Bags and accessories must therefore continue to be comfortable and soft; the furnishings are necessarily robust. To do this, the practice followed by the artist is to section the board in an infinite number of strips with a thickness between 7 and 5 mm which, rotating them by 90 °, are brought together to one another slowly going to make up the physiognomy object.

The one that Angelo Lussiana exploits is the other side of the cardboard, the one that shows the otherwise hidden waves: unexpectedly decorative, velvety and resistant to shocks.
It is a long and meticulous processing process that makes each object a unique example.

The exhibition "Angelo Lussiana. The other side of the carton "will open Wednesday 7 March 2018, from 17,30 to 20,30 hours, at the headquarters of the Cultural Association Galfer20, in Turin in Corso Galileo Ferraris 20.

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