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KREATIVISSIMI UNDER CHRISTMAS IS RENEWED! it has been modified: 2013-12-22 di jessica zannori

The e-commerce KREATIVISSIMI a few months after his birth presents a completely new platform with many new products! As he explains Jacopo Blacks, young entrepreneur who founded the project with the architect Danilo Fedeli,

"We felt that the Christmas season was the perfect time to draw attention to our e-commerce revolutionizing content and graphics. Everything flows in the network fast, what is new today becomes tomorrow already seen, and it is important to never stop, follow the trends and understand what you really want ". KREATIVISSIMI presents a completely new line of objects: from original bookends, funny and ironic, in practical candle holder, from geometric trays on shelves functional compose at will to suit you.

YOYO: shelves modular steel laser cut and powder coated in white or black. The shelf base with open side and double backrest serves as both a fastener that decorative and if mounted in sequence create a play of volumes in which alternates the empty and full, the yin and yang design.

SAMURAI & GEISHA - PINJGUY & GUFY: nice and original bookends that are offered in mixed pairs, each element has its own shape, identity and meaning. In fact, the collection includes two combinations: the “Lovers” (SAMURAI + GEISHA), symbol of eternal love, and the “Different Cousins” (PINJGUY + GUFY), two different animals yet so similar. The structure is laser-cut and powder-coated steel in various colors yellow, purple, green, white or black.


NARCISO - GEORGE: candle holder consisting of two elements: the stem created from a single steel wire folded back on itself and the bud carved from a single block of aluminum. Available in colored powder coating (yellow, purple, green, white, black) or the chrome.


LORD - ECLIPSE: candle holders made from a single block of aluminum. They are lightweight and easy to handle and suitable for any environment. Available in powder coating (yellow, purple, green, white, black) or the chrome.



ZAC: candle holder made from a sheet of aluminum laser cut and then folded in on itself until the characteristic shape of a Z hence the name. And 'an object of pure design, which expresses the simplicity 100% logic and rationality of the object. Available in yellow, purple, green, white, black.

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