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Interior Design: New Online Shop

Interior Design: New Online Shop it has been modified: 2021-08-07 di press mohd

The User at the Center: a new light in the Online Shop 

Less than two years after its publication, theMohd e-shop gets a makeover and invents a new concept in purchasing design online.

A lot of news over the previous version, especially in its navigation: browsing for environment and designers easily and fast, deepening the design history while you buy.

The user is welcomed with open arms from the first floor that governs the Homepage, a quick focus on the latest furniture news, curiosities about designers and current promotions.

MOHD guide and pamper the visitor in the discovery of the beautiful, doing explore discreetly the cult of the past and future trends; proposes ideas, lifestyles and thoughts on how to decorate the space that you live.

The real added value of the new online shop for Home Design is the section dedicated to design: the user looking for inspiration on the web for his home or office, lands on the MOHD shop and can easily find all the answers. . Knowledge and many years of experience are put at the service of the visitor, who can find furniture and design solutions in just one click, at no additional cost.

The new E-shop is smart, is clear, transparent, not only in its navigation organized environment, or brand or designer, but also in its design itself, in bright colors chosen for its redesign.

A mature company that presents, with authority acquired in fifty years of activity, the big names in Italian and International Interior Design; it does not express preferences, but lets the visitor get an idea of ​​what is there and what he might like, suggesting, with discretion and tact, the way to go.

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In the new site, the user is at the center: a reserved club for accessing additional discounts, the price promise that further enhances the transparency relationship between MOHD and its customers, but above all the possibility of receiving a personalized price, thanks the functionality, on some products, to request a quote in private.

MOHD not builds loyalty, does not ask, does not impose itself simply is present in the international Interior Design with discretion and authority, and draws along old roads with new and inspired imagination.

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