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The future is now: projects and practices capable of triggering change actions at Brera Design Week 2023

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The future is now: projects and practices capable of triggering change actions at Brera Design Week 2023 it has been modified: 2023-03-27 di Benedetto Fiori

Brera Design Week, the design week of the Brera Design District, will be held from 17 to 23 April in Milan. The 14th edition of the event, dedicated to the theme "The future is now", promotes a reflection on the challenges of the contemporary world, inviting designers and creatives to find innovative and eco-sustainable solutions capable of triggering actions for change.

Brera Design Week 2023 will be a unique opportunity to preview the new trends in the world of design, thanks to the 240 events that will take place in various exhibition spaces in the district. It will also be an opportunity to meet emerging designers and discover the latest news from the design industry.

The theme "The future is now" aims to stimulate reflection on the challenges of the contemporary world, from the innovation of materials to circularity, passing through the new market challenges between online and offline experience. It will be an opportunity to involve and gather the interest of the new generations, creating a dialogue between the different realities of the design world.

The events and installations of the Brera Design District will enrich the Milan Design Week schedule, attracting the attention of visitors and design enthusiasts from all over the world. Thanks to the presence of important international companies and designers, the event will be an opportunity to discover the latest design trends and meet industry professionals.

The project is curated by Studiolabo, a team of professionals specialized in communication design, who deal with digital marketing, concept and graphic design, web design and strategic design. Thanks to their work, Brera Design Week 2023 will be a unique and innovative event, which focuses on the creativity and innovation of the design world.

The Brera Design Week is also an important initiative for the city of Milan, which has always been considered the capital of design on an international level. Thanks to the event, the Brera district becomes a place for designers and the public to meet and exchange, enhancing Italian know-how and promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

In conclusion, Brera Design Week 2023 is an unmissable appointment for all design enthusiasts and for those who want to discover the latest trends in the sector. Thanks to the presence of important international companies and designers, the event will be an opportunity to discover the latest innovations in design, meet industry professionals and participate in unique and innovative events.

Special projects and cultural initiatives of the Brera Design Week 2023

The Brera Design Week 2023 is upon us and there are many novelties that are preparing for the great Milanese design event. Among the special offers and cultural initiatives scheduled, some installations and projects with a strong visual and perceptual impact stand out.

One of the most interesting works is definitely Weft, the interactive installation created by Stark inside the Civic Aquarium of Milan. The work invites the visitor to reflect on the theme of the Fuorisalone 2023, Laboratorio Futuro, proposing an experience of interaction with many voices. Thanks to the collaboration with the architects Alice Buroni and Gloria Lisi together with Alex Buroni, Trame is configured as a perceptive experience that invites the visitor to rely on a holistic understanding and reflect on how our actions, however aware, necessarily intertwine with those from other lives, weaving the creative narrative that happens at every encounter.

©Stark PLOTS
©Stark PLOTS

Another installation not to be missed is that of glo ™ for art, which presents “Dry Days, Tropical Nights” by Agostino Iacurci. The work is part of the glo™ for art itinerant art project, created to support art and spread culture, promoting the democratization of the artistic experience. The installation invites the viewer to look at how our planet could become and to build a better tomorrow all together.

©glotm for art Iacurci illustration
©glotm for art Iacurci illustration

Grand Seiko, official timekeeper of Brera Design District, launches the project ALIVE IN TIME, an experiential space dedicated to rediscovering the value of time. The itinerary opens with a Zen garden, recreated within the location, which celebrates the value of ritual in Japanese culture. Throughout the week, visitors will be able to enjoy the exclusive experience of seeing an artistic work being born, contemplating the gestures and expression of creativity. There will also be workshops by reservation in which to approach Japanese culture through different techniques: Shodo, Japanese calligraphy, Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, and Origami, the ability to obtain figures by folding applied paper.

©Grand Seiko Fuorisalone Zen garden
©Grand Seiko Fuorisalone Zen garden

valcucine presents “Ecosophia”, a reflection on how the company imagines the present and the future of kitchen architecture and design, in relation to the values ​​of sustainability and innovation which have always been an integral part of the corporate identity. The public will be able to admire the new kitchen layouts, the characteristic "Special Elements", which have become a distinctive feature and symbol of continuous innovation, the new "magic openings", associated with the use of new materials and wood finishes, designed to give of heat to the typical high tech design.


“TRUE TO FOOD LAB”, organized by the brand Signature Kitchen Suite at its showroom in Via Manzoni in Milan. The company becomes the spokesperson for the agri-food chain and for the production, conservation and consumption of quality food, proposing a technological and interactive journey that involves all the senses.

Another interesting project is “Surfaces with a View – unconventional of matter stories” di FENIX®. The Foro Buonaparte showroom is transformed into a large theater where the spaces become stages covered with materials with sophisticated color combinations, creating an environment of interaction and inclusion. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of FENIX, the future of the surfaces and materials proposed by the company is presented, describing future ways of conceiving spaces that combine retail, art and entertainment. The design is signed by Zanellato/Bortotto together with Musa.

©FENIX surfaceswithaview
©FENIX surfaceswithaview

Even the brand Veuve Clicquot offers a unique experience: The Grande Dame 2015 by Paola Paronetto. The Michel Leo Gallery in Brera is transformed into the artist's atelier where it is possible to discover, taste and buy the cuvée and customize your own charm dedicated to the Grande Dame 2015. The project is an opportunity to dialogue with the artist and participate in special appointments.


Design Variations 2023 presents Breath, the site-specific work on the facade of the Circolo Filologico Milanese, designed by the Zaven studio. The work was created using a special silicone membrane and serves as a starting point for reflection on design as a tool for a multidisciplinary approach, the backbone of the economic and social system and a bearer of innovation.

©Design Variations Zaven
©Design Variations Zaven

The collective exhibition "Urgent Legacy" presents the innovative and sustainable responses of emerging designers, independent studios, established brands and institutions from the Swiss education and research sectors. House of Switzerland Milan is a joint project of the Swiss Presence at the FDFA and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Shift Craft exhibition of Korean handicrafts in Milan. This exhibition conveys the unique melody of Korean craft sensibility through the use of ancient objects such as iron, and promotes a vision of tomorrow in various variations liberated from the conventional wisdom and laws of the craft industry. The exhibition, organized by KCDF (Korea Craft & Design Foundation) and hosted at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Viale Pasubio 5, Milan, will see the participation of 20 representative craft artists of Korea, active in various fields including ceramics, metal, wood, glass , lacquer and paint. Through ten different artistic interpretations, visitors will be able to appreciate the possibilities of moving from tradition to transmission and from adaptation to application.

STIGA presents “My Patch of Green”. STIGA, a group that has been bringing innovation to the world of gardening for over 100 years, will offer for the first time an immersive sensory experience, where nature comes to life through technology. “My Patch of Green” underlines the importance of taking care of one's garden and the role that every green space, large or small, plays within the complex and ever-changing ecosystem of our planet.

Cotto d'Este presents “The Secret Garden”, an installation that will transform the Piazza Castello showroom into a dreamlike and imaginary place. Ceramic sculptures and spectacular green walls will give access to new worlds made of materials and architecture. The metaphor of the various design and creative opportunities and the rest and relaxation space for visitors will be made of stoneware and will be available to the public.

Visionnaire presents "The Empire of the Senses", a collection dedicated to the senses as instruments of knowledge of the world. The immersive installation will be held during Milan Design Week 2023 at the Wunderkammer – Visionnaire Design Gallery – and will be enriched by a dance performance and visual contributions dedicated to the five senses.

“Mycelium + Timber” di eco-friendly. It is an innovative solution for the creation of sustainable materials, which combines the mycelium of mushrooms with wood. The result is a resistant, light and completely biodegradable material, which represents an ecological solution for the design and architecture industry.

Modena presents a new experimentation project on the ceramic surface in collaboration with the designer Patricia Urquiola and the artist Michael Anastassiades. The project will be presented inside Casa Mutina Milano, a meeting and exhibition place dedicated to beauty and innovation in the field of architecture and design. Patricia Urquiola, a member of the Mutina team for years, and Michael Anastassiades, an internationally renowned artist, have teamed up to create new collections of ceramic surfaces that represent unprecedented experimentation.

SolidNature, the natural stone quarrying and processing company, presents “Beyond the Surface”. The exhibition will be held at the Spazio Cernaia, in via Cernaia 1 in the heart of Brera. The installation will lead visitors through an immersive dreamscape, designed by OMA, which draws a parallel between the formation and extraction of stone and the fulfillment of dreams. Inside the space, bespoke stone creations designed by various designers, including Sabine Marcelis, Iranian artist Bita Fayyazi and others will be exhibited. The SolidNature collection is characterized by the careful choice of stones, attention to detail and craftsmanship. The elements on display will be the protagonists of the installation, enriched by a sensory experience that will involve visitors through sounds, lights and projections.

©SolidNature PinkBlush O
©SolidNature PinkBlush O

Ingo Maurer, a famous design lighting company, presents “Light – Floating Reflection”. The event will be held at the Porta Nuova toll booths, in Piazzale Principessa Clotilde. The installation, characterized by the use of fluorescent colors and reflective materials, will create an explosion of colors and lights, visible both day and night. The set-up, of great scenographic impact, includes a carpet approximately 30 meters long painted with fluorescent colors that will cross the Caselli arch, on which a surface of reflective material will float in the air supported by a structure of ropes. “Light – Floating Reflection” represents a work of art that combines design and technology, taking lighting to the next level.

©Ingo Maurer visual
©Ingo Maurer visual

How to orient yourself at Brera Design Week 2023

To orient yourself among the events of the Brera Design District an integrated system of communication tools was designed:

  • Guide and map of events distributed free throughout the district and at the info point in Largo la Foppa;
  • Website and social channels (Facebook, Instagram) dedicated, with reporting of daily events and promotion of activities;
  • Signage on the territory divided by flags to mark the territory and indicative totem at the entrance of each single event;
  • Signage totem at the entrance to each individual event.

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Le illustrations for visual identity Brera Design Week 2023 were created by Mirko Camia.

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