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The Traditional Special Edition - Xmas 2014

The Traditional Xmas collection22
The Traditional Special Edition - Xmas 2014 it has been modified: 2014-11-14 di jessica zannori

This Christmas, The Traditional launch a special collection of recipes entirely dedicated to lunch and sweets of this festivity.

A special gift, can convey the atmosphere of conviviality traditional Christmas. The collection is an invitation to share a special moment in a fun way; cooking together and delighting guests with sweets and delicacies that often you can taste only in this time of year.

The collection consists of two packs, one dedicated to Christmas Lunch, The other for Christmas cakes. The packages can be purchased individually, each of them contains four recipes illustrated tattoo.

Christmas Lunch collects recipes from all over Italy, from salad winter to get to a hot mulled wine; a complete proposal of the classic family lunch. The packaging is made of white paper made from residues of maize line Crush Favini.

Traditional I have also wanted to make the packaging of sweets, inspired by the Nordic tradition of the exchange that takes place cookies at Christmas time. This package is an invitation to make Christmas gifts with his own hands, following the four recipes for beautiful cakes, to give to friends. The recipes are collected in a wrapper soft green, returned from the line card Kiwi Crush Favini.

The packaging of the Christmas Lunch, contains:
Winter salad as a starter and / or contour, Cappelletti soup, roast with herbs and, finally, a great mulled wine.

The packaging of the sweets will delight you, your friends and family with recipes, simple but effective: Matches orange, Crunchy Lauro, Stars and almond bites raisins and honey.

Each pack also contains a leaflet with the story of The Traditional and our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas; the back of which there are shopping lists, with all the ingredients needed for the preparation of individual recipes.

The Christmas collection is a limited edition of 300 packs in Italian and in English, of which 150 for Christmas lunch and the remaining for sweets.
You can buy packets accessing the online shop from the site The Traditional or by sending an email to to reserve your choice!

The Traditional Xmas collection bocconcin

The collection Traditional Xmas lunch roast-er

The collection Traditional Xmas lunch Cappell

The collection Traditional Xmas lunch salad-inve

The Traditional Xmas collection sweets crocc

The Traditional Xmas collection sweets matches-ar

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