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"Gattoni" of Gattoni Rubinetteria space to best present and in style

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"Gattoni" of Gattoni Rubinetteria space to best present and in style it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di Gattoni Rubinetteria Press

From single counter display furnishing exhibition environment as a whole.

This is how Gattoni Rubinetteria interprets and provides the best solutions for the showroom. It does so by proposing design elements, with essential and innovative lines, all contained in the new “Gattoni Spazio” catalog, already available in pdf version.

Inside, multiple presentation possibilities for each type of product are illustrated, such as mixers and showers. The wide range of proposed solutions includes counter, floor, triangular swivel displays, for bathroom accessories and even display tables and expotables with wall.

For series Boomerang, Fly and Intersection, the result of projects by renowned architects, chosen among the most innovative in the contemporary scene, they were born specific solutions expo, which also describe the project idea. In addition to enrich creative components the showroom, the company has designed 3d Logo, name three-dimensional for wall, bearing the engaging tagline of the brand: Water in love. In the catalog, a substantial section has been reserved for the configuration of the space in its entirety.

Here the ideas take shape, through the examples of composition and preparation of the different elements, as well as suggestions for floors and walls, which enhance the products with the language of color. But Gattoni goes even further, with the ad hoc customization of the showroom according to the customer's needs, creating tailor-made projects, to make the environment even more unique and unmistakable.

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