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Formafantasma. Nervi in ​​the making

Formafantasma. Nervi in ​​the making it has been modified: 2019-03-15 di Benedict Flowers

The collaboration between MAXXI and Alcantara, launched in the 2019, is also renewed in the 2011. After having made 6 group exhibitions involving more than 30 between designers and national and international studios, since last year the Alcantara - MAXXI project has become monographic with Studio Visit.

At the second edition, Studio Visit every year he invites an internationally renowned designer to create, within the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, a space that returns his personal interpretation of the work of one of the masters of the permanent collection. A single common denominator for always different projects: Alcantara®, ductile matter ready to give shape to the most challenging visions.

If in the 2018 Nanda Vigo with Arch-Arcology paid tribute to the visionary architect Paolo Soleri, this year the international design studio was chosen Formafantasma who, after consulting the archives of MAXXI Architettura, decided to confront the genius of Pier Luigi Nervi, presenting the project "Nervi in ​​the making" by Domitilla Dardi, curator for the design of MAXXI.

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin (Formafantasma) have approached the archives of the undisputed master in the design of iron-concrete to fully understand his work on the subject.


The two-way study path, which on the one hand led the two designers to focus on cement, on the other hand to approach an apparently very different material like Alcantara, has actually highlighted peculiar analogies.

The intrinsic characteristics of concrete - versatile, functional, suitable for many applications and interpretations, capable of communicating with other materials - of which Nervi was a pioneer and an unparalleled experimenter in the post-war period, are also qualities of Alcantara.®, a material that from the very moment of its invention has established itself as a "medium" to design another future, that of our contemporary present.

"Structure - explain the Formafantasma - is the key word that more than any other unites the two materials. Nervi has demonstrated with impressive research, made up of tests, tests and calculations, the achievements that concrete could be the bearer of. Thanks to his far-sighted work, our country has been built over the last sixty years. We entered Alcantara with a similar spirit and we studied its wide potential for application. But above all we have experienced what makes it a unique material of its kind, governed by a sort of artificial intelligence that makes it incredibly ductile ".

The result is an installation that recreates a physical and mental environment at the same time, to Chinese boxes to tell how much importance a material can have in the work of a designer.


With Formafantasma. Nervi in ​​the making (March 15, 2019 - April 14, 2019), the partnership between the first Italian institution dedicated to contemporary creativity and the company that, renowned all over the world for its unique technology, has made constant dialogue with the creative avant-gardes a essential point of its mission.

A journey of common research and experimentation that sees MAXXI and Alcantara together again on the road to cultural innovation.

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