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Fontanot receives CE mark also on the collection of staircases in kit

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Fontanot receives CE mark also on the collection of staircases in kit it has been modified: 2013-10-13 di jessica zannori

The act of purchase is more than ever a reliance on advertising, a well crafted statements that tell us, cut more or less interesting, because a product is better than another. Fontanot decided to use another strategy, and consult more effectively, to declare its customers as its products are safe: submitted the collection of stairs in kit to long accurate tests and controls and obtained the certificate of European Conformity. A sort of passport for the Community market, even if - we all know - an identity card would be enough! Obtaining the European Conformity certificate in fact means responding to strict requirements of safety, resistance, functionality and durability over time: an assumption of responsibility, a promise that the company makes to the consumer and which regulates the entire production cycle of the product from planning up to disposal.

An added value to a range of products that already have many advantages. The scales of the collection Pixima by Fontanot, besides being stairs in kit, ideal for lovers of DIY, Are available with different finishes according to the stylistic requirements of each home, and finally are Configurable "online" on through the configurator that allows the customer to choose the most suitable model compared to the available space.

Convenience, comfort and safety are characteristics common to all brand products Fontanot. For sale exclusively at Leroy Merlin store and Bricocenter, The stairs of the collection Pixima, 12 available in different models with a wide range of finishes are "environmentally friendly."

The steps are protected by water-based paints that make them resistant to abrasion and durable while the wood used is certified FSC (Forest Stewardship council). The FSC logo identifies products made with wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental and social cost.

With proven expertise in the design of new solutions in the market of the stairs, Fontanot is a solid manufacturing over sixty years, and the expression of a brand increasingly "consumer oriented". The payoff of the brand "scales of all time" becomes even more spokesman of values ​​that make up the stairs Fontanot to last and to satisfy customers more demanding.

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