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ELITE joined the group Matteograssi

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ELITE joined the group Matteograssi it has been modified: ‭2013-11-05 di Benedict Flowers

matteograssi welcomes you to ELITE, From July 1 2013 integral part of the famous group dedicated to furnishing quality that includes the brands Pierantonio Bonacina e Pizzitutti.

ELITE is a furniture project global which is renewed in the organization and in the style and creative design; a brand that retrieves the best of his past to write the future of design and originality. The World Elite is told in the ability to draw from nature as inspiration and style details coming from different cultures to create a suggestive mix for a warm and deceiving environment ready to investigate new forms, sharpen the excellence of design Follow the new aesthetic tastes and the tendency of the product real and natural.

The intrinsic characteristics of the brand ELITE complete the company already composed of the brands matteograssiThe historical company founded in 1880 specializes in making furniture in leather, Pierantonio BonacinaWhich produces outdoor design elements using both natural materials and material technology, the results of a specific search, PizzituttiSpecializing in wooden objects and leather.

The merger between the brands comes from sharing of values ​​to which any member of the group intends to give: love and passion for their work, obsessive search of quality and attention to detail, selection and processing of materials of the highest value, spreading the Made in Italy.

Massimo Grassi, commercial director of matteograssi Group, comments: "The acquisition of the new brand ELITE, will certainly bring benefits to both, will also allow the expansion of commercial lines, helping to develop important distribution synergies, in view of a forecast of growth and strengthening of the brands in the global market" .

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