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Dornbracht ReCrafted: hand-refurbished faucets for a greener future

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Dornbracht ReCrafted: hand-refurbished faucets for a greener future it has been modified: 2023-03-09 di Benedetto Fiori

With Dornbracht ReCrafted, the German manufacturer sets new standards in terms of sustainability for the world of faucets with the line of hand-refurbished sink faucets, iconic pieces with a timeless design.

Dornbracht, the German brand specializing in high-end faucets, is putting sustainability at the center with the launch of a new line of hand-refurbished sink faucets. The new collection, called Dornbracht ReCrafted, offers customers iconic products totally renewed through a meticulous production process, without compromising on quality and functionality. The advantage of this new collection is the reduction of the carbon footprint, in fact each reconditioned Dornbracht faucet allows a saving of about 40% of CO2 emissions compared to a new one.

Stefan Gesing, CEO of Dornbracht AG & Co. KG, says that when customers buy ReCrafted faucets, they demonstrate their deep environmental awareness. Dornbracht's goal is to maintain the value of the products while minimizing the use of resources, a project possible thanks to the attention to design and the timeless aesthetics of their collections.

The new ReCrafted collection is the epitome of Dornbracht's promise to create products with a design that lasts over time. Sustainability has always been a guiding principle in the production of every Dornbracht product, and the new ReCrafted collection is an expression of the holistic approach to sustainability that the company has been pursuing since its founding in 1950.

The production process of a Dornbracht ReCrafted faucet is the result of the profound technical expertise and manual skill of the technicians of the brand's production site in Germany. The flexibility of the industrial structure has made it possible to integrate the ReCrafted process into existing production sequences, thanks to the know-how acquired with Dornbracht's x-tra service, dedicated to custom productions. The company also has great experience in the maintenance of used faucets, customer requests for both tailor-made solutions and for the repair of used products have in fact been handled directly by Dornbracht for over 70 years.

Supply chain management is another fundamental aspect of Dornbracht's strategy which is unique in the sector: 80% of the raw materials used for the production of the collections come from Germany and 98% from Europe, of which the majority within a radius of 200 km. Since 2015 Dornbracht has introduced an ISO 50001 compliant energy management system thus saving 1,7 million kWh per year.

The commitment of Dornbracht for sustainability also extends to corporate social responsibility. Dornbracht supports various organizations and projects globally, including the cross-border cooperation project "Water for Africa", which aims to improve water supply and sanitation in certain regions of Africa. Furthermore, the company collaborates with the cultural association “Initiative Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Dortmund” to promote culture and creativity in the city of Dortmund, where the company is based.

In conclusion, with the ReCrafted project, Dornbracht positions itself as a company at the forefront of sustainability in the faucet sector. The refurbishment of the basin faucets, combined with the company's commitment to supply chain management, energy efficiency and social responsibility, demonstrates Dornbracht's holistic and responsible approach to sustainability. With the use of high-quality materials, a timeless design and craftsmanship with attention to detail, Dornbracht's ReCrafted products are a high-quality and environmentally friendly choice for discerning customers who want a long-lasting and sustainable product for their bathroom .

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Dornbracht ReCrafted taps – in Chrome or Brushed Chrome finishes – are visible on the website:

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