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Natural dialogues with Luxury by Lithos Design

Natural dialogues with Luxury by Lithos Design it has been modified: 2021-07-02 di busaeassociati

Dissonanze, the new collection of coatings with surprising material qualities that demonstrate, once again, the infinite expressive possibilities of marble.

In perfect balance between formal research and innovation, Dissonanze is an open collection, a sort of creative workshop within the Lithos Design industry. The in fact, thanks to its experimental DNA, it will insert in this collection different models of marble coverings based on material combinations where the stone element will always be combined with other materials.

Signed by Raffaello Galiotto, the first model of the Dissonanze collection takes the name Luxury and presents a decorative rhythm marked by precise engravings finished in gold, copper or bronze, of different diameters, which create a graphic warp molded into the marble. A product of unique industrial design with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic effect, enhanced by the choice of a bewitching texture that allows different compositional possibilities and which is strengthened both by the careful choice of the nuances of the marbles, and by the incidence of light (not random) on matter.

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