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Daniel Libeskind and the Cosentino Group show Beyond The Wall

Daniel Libeskind and the Cosentino Group show Beyond The Wall it has been modified: 2014-03-21 di Social Design Magazine

Il Cosentino Group, World leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, in collaboration with the famous architect and designer Daniel Libeskind, Presented last February 13 a permanent installation at the headquarters of the Group in Almeria (Spain).

La spectacular spiral polycentric entitled "Beyond The Wall"Is the result of a long collaboration between Libeskind Design and Cosentino Group. A temporary version of the installation had already been exposed, last year, at the State University of Milan during Design Week.

Beyond The Wall, based on the infinite possibilities of a spiral, Is a unique and is the first created using only Dekton® by Cosentino. This is not a traditional hairspring with a single center and axis, but a spiral contemporary that opens to a plurality of directions along different trajectories; polycentric a spiral that winds up at its finest.

The spiral is the result of a synergy between the architectural vision of Libeskind and the innovative material Dekton® Cosentino. Beyond The Wall shows how this material ultracompact can able to play a modern and complex architectural facade. In this final version surfaces Dekton® cover the entire outer facade, the interior walls and floors. The white color of Dekton®, Zenith, is the tones used for the facades and wallsContrary to black intense color of Sirius, chosen for the base of the impressive spiral polycentric high 8,5 meters.

Both colors belong to Solid collection of Dekton®, A series of clear, solid colors that offer balance and harmony to the design.
Un total 305 m2, Which have been applied to different slabs Dekton® 2cm and in large measure format 320cm x 140cm. The facades and the walls were covered with 180m2 Zenith Dekton® divided into 80 different plates.







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