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Contract Lab furnishes the new Piacenza headquarters of Colla SpA: an intelligent and functional design to find innovative organizational solutions

Contract Lab furnishes the new Piacenza headquarters of Colla SpA: an intelligent and functional design to find innovative organizational solutions it has been modified: 2022-07-28 di aaapress

Contract LAB, the design division born from the partnership between LAGO and MAD051, furnishes the Piacenza headquarters of Colla SpA. Thus, the collaboration between the Italian design brand and the company specialized in the production of excellent Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano was born. Colla Spa is only the latest of over two hundred locations in the world - boutique hotels, workspaces, restaurants, shops - to have involved Contract LAB and its vision of design as a tool to enhance spaces, making them welcoming, unique and capable of generate connections and new business opportunities.

The design need entrusted to the architect Carlo Ponzini was very precise: defining the layout of the new offices and workspaces, enhancing the company's identity, linked to a strong cultural heritage and a sense of openness to new opportunities. He therefore immediately took into account the importance of the architectural project that emerges from the particularity of the ceilings: large coffers with solid wood structures, capable of giving an important connotation to the whole area. The interior choices have thus favored stone-effect finishes and neutral shades able to move as far away as possible from the wood used for the ceilings, emphasizing the scenic effect. The harmonious contrast between architecture and furniture is given by the alternation of gray and dark Wildwood wood and the presence of colored glass and XGlass finishes with marble, metal and fabric effects. Not only elegance and formality in the envelope, but also glances and measured saturations, thanks to hints of color that cover very representative furnishing accessories.

The finishes and materials were chosen from the selection present in the MAD051 material library. For the floors and walls, the Nextone collection by Lea Ceramiche was selected: a stone-effect porcelain stoneware with a natural and balanced aesthetic that, thanks to a complete range of 3 thicknesses and multiple formats, has allowed the use of the same material in different contexts; large floor formats increase the spatial effect and decrease the number of joints, while in the coverings the smaller format ensures proportionality of the spaces, with aesthetic uniformity.
The choice of an innovative ceramic has finally allowed the introduction of important advantages, such as those offered by Protect®: the antibacterial technology that uses silver ions to contribute to the healthiness of the environments. The protagonist of the hall is also the LaFont Essential Fulmine staircase by Fontanot with a wooden step like the floors to reduce the number of materials present in the project and a transparent glass balustrade to minimize its impact.

The NOW wardrobes, double-sided and designed to the centimeter, have become elements of partitioning of spaces and on some occasions have eliminated the presence of the pillars by hiding them inside: a functional solution that has lightened the environments, avoiding the construction of additional dividing walls. The essential lines of the LAGO furnishings interact with the large windows and the light windows of the internal gardens: the protagonists of the rooms are the Air tables dedicated to operational workstations and representative offices and the Air bookcases which, with compositions reaching up to 12 meters , furnish the common areas and the elegant reception of the logistics area.

“As Contract LAB we have sought on the one hand well-being and functionality for those who breathe the offices every day, on the other benefits for the company system in a broad sense. - says Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design of LAGO SpA - In fact, our design vision wants to be a tool capable of leading to new paths and connections also in business. We look at work spaces with the same planning with which we imagine the homes of today and tomorrow: sustainable, modular and capable of distinguishing themselves and creating value. "

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