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How did the Salone del Mobile 2022 go? The sensations and the official numbers speak of a success

Salone del Mobile entrance 2022
How did the Salone del Mobile 2022 go? The sensations and the official numbers speak of a success it has been modified: 2022-06-29 di Benedetto Fiori

How did the Salone del Mobile 2022 go? After two canceled editions, the feeling is that the whole environment felt a strong need for the return in the presence and in the full version of the Salone del Mobile, even if, at the same time, there was some apprehension and fear that the design event most important in the world could see its leadership weakened. Fears overcome by the official numbers of the Salone del Mobile 2022, which went well beyond expectations, despite the important absences of Chinese and Russians.

Over 262.000 attendees at the 60a edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano which exceeds all expectations in terms of turnout and sanctions the international relaunch of the city and of an entire system, confirming the catalyst force of the event.
The Salone del Mobile.Milano, back in its traditional guise and greeted by the message of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, ended with a very positive result confirming the attractiveness and great capacity for involvement of the event worldwide.
2.175 were the exhibiting brands, of which 27% from abroad, including 600 young designers. In terms of visitor turnout, the attendance was 262.608, in six days, from 173 countries. 61% of buyers and sector operators came from abroad. Almost total the lack of Chinese and Russians who, in 2019, counted more than 42.000 presences. Over 3.500 accredited journalists from all over the world.

"The 60a edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano was an international success and there is great satisfaction for having exceeded expectations. The appearances represent an exceptional result for which we have worked hard. This edition confirmed the international scope of the event and the cohesion of the design community ", comments Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. "An important result that demonstrates the state of health and the value content of the Salone del Mobile, proving how the ability to work in a team of an entire sector and its creative and productive fabric can produce excellence, with great results also in more complex moments at an international level. We have invested in quality and demonstrated the desire to continue producing innovation and 'telling the stories' of our companies and our products. We were the engine that rekindled the city in the best possible way, with which the relationship is always very close ", adds Porro. "The contribution of ICE was precious and indispensable, which supported us in opening up to new markets, and the role of digital was crucial, which, this week as in previous months, allowed us to get in touch with new countries and to maintain a strong relationship with those who have not been able to reach us. I thank everyone for their commitment: the companies that got back into the game, the organizers, the fitters, the designers who, together, believed in the event. We trust that this edition has given new energy to the sector and to Milan and that everyone has perceived the enthusiasm and the will to offer a global and conscious experience, in which what matters are ideas and cultural exchange, aware that thinking about the future and also to the new generations with SaloneSatellite is the way to build value over time ", concludes the President.

An edition that demonstrated, once again three years after the previous one, how quality furniture finds its most important global showcase in the Salone and how much the Show is able to attract talents, tell creativity and projects. , to be an exceptional place to meet, exchange and share ideas that have produced work and business.
This year, theattention to the sustainable component both at the level of organization and management of the Exhibition, and at the level of research and value proposition and concrete and already feasible solutions - presented by "Design with Nature", the SaloneSatellite and many exhibitors - have made the Show an international stage for business ideas and technological solutions capable of contributing to the protection of the environment, the home and the more efficient use of resources, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“We have experienced the great enthusiasm of meeting customers and stakeholders three years and two months after the closing of the last Salone del Mobile. There is a great desire to be in attendance again, but also to return to doing business in the showcase of excellence of our know-how, in which the qualified public was the real protagonist, as demonstrated by the entrepreneurs themselves, satisfied with a week above. expectations. A lot of orders, opening to new markets and consolidation of traditional ones: the Salone has confirmed that it is a winning formula that cannot be ignored ", comments the president of FederlegnoArredo Claudio Feltrin, speaking on behalf of a supply chain that gathers 70 thousand companies, with 294 thousand employees, which generate a turnover of almost 50 billion euros. "The smart home, the renewal of materials, the intertwining of tradition and innovation aiming at sustainability understood more and more as a competitive lever, were the practical demonstration of how much companies have continued to invest in these years, albeit so difficult, without ever stopping to look to the future with optimism. The trend
of the market
- underlines Feltrin - it is still extremely dynamic and healthy as the FederlegnoArredo surveys show, despite the uncertainties due to the international scenario force us to be cautious, especially when looking to next autumn. The issue of the cost of energy, the difficulty in finding raw materials, which is becoming the Achilles heel of the recovery, and the erosion of purchasing power that could slow down the demand of a still effervescent market cause concern.
The wood-furniture sector is responding to a process of change in society, which the pandemic has accelerated and which has led people to rediscover the value of the home, in the awareness that we can live it in a more comfortable, modern and healthy way, with products of quality and durability that make our life better. This is not a passing trend but a structural transformation. And the results reward the efforts of our companies, which represent the Made in Italy that aspires to become the leader of the green economy in the world, also redesigning the future of living ".

With the purpose of involve and inform, the engagement plan of the international community of the Salone del Mobile touched all the touch points of the platform: website, newsletter, app, push and social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube). The results achieved by the digital platform during the days of the Exhibition, supported by an activation plan started in the previous weeks and supported by a daily schedule of scheduled contents, they are more than positive: on the social front, 13,5 million accounts are reached, more than 50 thousand contents generated from the community using the official hashtags (# salonedelmobile2022 and # salonedelmobile60th), 600 thousand video views, 120 thousand interactions with content and 25 million impressions.

In the last week alone, the site has registered 4,8M page views with an average of 100.000 daily users (69,2% from Italy, 30,8% from abroad) and a 42% increase in new users registered on the platform. The Salone del Mobile.Milano app, which has doubled the number of downloads compared to the September launch, had an average of 40.000 scans carried out with the matchmaking service, aimed at connecting companies and professionals visiting Rho directly. . Finally, the cycle of podcast Design Voices - Salone del Mobile, broadcast live daily during the days of the event, ranked third in the Art category on Amazon Music and, in the next
weeks, a second in-depth season is planned.

Recognition of the importance of Salone del Mobile.Milano as the country's economic engine it also came from the presence of many governmental and institutional authorities. The concrete support of the ICE Agency and Simest confirms the international value of the event, and the support of the Lombardy Region confirms the centrality of this territory for our supply chain. The close collaboration with Fiera Milano, which contributed to the realization of this event, is also important.
Public success for Design with Nature, which has also received critical acclaim from the many designers, architects and journalists who have visited it and who have appreciated the clear and direct story of how in the near future we will have to know how to connect knowledge, skills and technologies in a new generation of materials and designs. The public program with illustrious voices (including architects, innovators and visionaries) received the same approval, which was sold out at the talks, a sign that the desire to re-meet and discuss the fundamental themes of the project and its social and environmental value he is more alive than ever.

Long lines also at the Food Courts of Identità Golose, areas dedicated to the gourmet break signed by the great names of Italian cuisine. The turnout at Palazzo Reale was also excellent, where the Salone staged The Magic Box (scheduled at Palazzo Reale until June 17), a multisensory and narrative experience full of emotion, which tells of quality, innovation, the creativity but above all the beauty of the Milanese event.

Underlining the international role of the Salone del Mobile.Milano and the city, their vocation for inclusion and hospitality, the Welcome Project, the result of collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, the Fiera Foundation and the main design schools in the city - Nuova Accademia, IED European Institute of Design and School of Design / Milan Polytechnic. The hundred students located in key points of the city have provided information to thousands of visitors from all over the world on mobility in the city, on the fair and the events of the Salone in the city and on the main events taking place in Milan. Thanks to the survey they carried out, we know that visitors have adopted green solutions to reach the
fair as trains and subways.

Salone del Mobile entrance 2022

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