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Cadorin presents new parquet Oak Select Grey Sand

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Cadorin presents new parquet Oak Select Grey Sand it has been modified: 2014-05-17 di jessica zannori

A wood floor in your home exudes warmth, elegance and comfort. A feeling decidedly enveloping, that only a natural material can give.

Starting from these premises, Cadorin parquet creates multiple finishes and surface treatments to the maximum of naturalness. All this to give to the inhabitants of the house a world of hugs and cuddles gathered barefoot after a long and tiring day.

The boards of European Oak Select Grey Sand Cadorin, in particular, are characterized by a refined and brushing dall'intramontabile beauty of gray tones found in nature in the soft color of the sand. A finish paint made from Cadorin enhances the grain of fine European Oak Select already highlighted and drawn by brushing, performed with shades of colors from the color warm and enveloping Grey Sand.

The finish GREY SAND is available both in processing "brushed" and workmanship "sandblasted". While brushing draws the wood grain, sandblasting achieves real relief in the grain of the wood.
Both processes make the wood surface more resistant to foot traffic, in addition to achieving a result of value in terms of aesthetics.

The raw material is the European Oak Select, one of the most popular woods for prestigious fibrature flare and rifled, true top of the range of this species botany and appreciated for the color and the fascinating veins. In fact the European Oak is among the woods that best lends itself to be enhanced with elegant and stylish finishes to paint or natural oil.

Attention to the environment is always among the priorities of the Venetian company: the European Select Oak used is one of the woods selected by Cadorin with the Legno Più Km Meno brand. This means that its supply takes place at a close distance from the Cadorin company headquarters (500-700 km), thus helping to reduce the impact on the climate caused by the emission of greenhouse gases by means of

Elite Oak select europe painted brushed Grey Sand low 1 2

CADORIN The planks can be installed to "run" or clipped to "herringbone": both poses are visible in the photos. The images in particular represent a renovation of a historic building in the center of Vittorio Veneto (TV).
In some environments, such as the large, bright living room, the planks of parquet were made to plug, an old drawing of laying still widely used, while for the rest of the house have been major planks of different widths and lengths laid " to run "that optimize the size of the rooms.

The Cadorin planks, of 110% Italian production (the entire production cycle takes place in the Cadorin plants in Possagno), are in Three layers Top (three layers of solid wood): the upper layer is in a single plank of solid noble wood with a thickness of 5 mm, the central insert is made up of solid strips of transversal Spruce while the lower one is of the same noble wood as the visible surface. This three-layered structure guarantees the right balance of the board even in large dimensions (in thicknesses of 16/21 mm for widths from 14 to 33 cm and lengths in the standard up to 3 meters but also available up to 4-5 meters).

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