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BUKIaRilievo nerosiclia at Salone del Mobile

Buki aRilievo particular enneDue
BUKIaRilievo nerosiclia at Salone del Mobile it has been modified: 2017-03-24 di Benedict Flowers

BUKIaRilievo is the new nerosicilia project born from the desire to give a strong steer to the coating design. A lava stone project made of empty and full that reshape the perception of the surface and stimulate the eye moving from a buko other.

The relief forms enhance the material and light / shadow effects create new aesthetic arguments. Thanks to the combination of sizes, shapes and surfaces, BUKIaRilievo offers designers new architectural solutions.

The lava stone, is widely used in architecture and urban environments with high technical characteristics that make it unique in the world of natural stones. nerosicilia has brought this extraordinary material also in the home environment, highlighting not only the technical performance but also the high aesthetic value.

BUKIaRilievo will be exhibited at the Milan Design Week at INTERNO18 18 in via Solferino in Milan.

Buki aRilievo enneDue

Buki aRilievo enneUno


nerosicilia's natural lava stone extracted from the slopes of Etna and treated with fire according to a new concept of high technical and aesthetic value. The link with the culture of the area accompanies the research and technological innovation implemented by nerosicilia in tune with strict environmental principles. nerosicilia is a declaration of love for their land. nerosicilia lives lava stone in the making, means of travel through a land and a culture. It allows you to own a portion of the most active volcano in Europe transformed into an element with high technology and marked by a deep stylistic research placed at the service of contemporary living.

80x300x2cm is the size of the slabs that nerosicilia makes available to designers and architects to ensure maximum design freedom. The sheets do not undergo applications of glazes or chemical additives at any time of their processing.

The transformation process designed by nerosicilia, subjects the raw slab to the thermal conditions of the magma. The nerosicilia surfaces have different tone and structure, derived by in oven temperature and the persistence times.

The colors and patterns are obtained from nerosicilia glass recycling of CRT screens of old televisions and personal computer monitors. Through an exclusive machining process, nerosicilia obtains, from the glass crushing and grinding, the raw material of each of its decoration, including the full-field staining.

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