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Shower involving all your senses, for an emotional shower

Shower involving all your senses, for an emotional shower it has been modified: 2013-11-06 di Beatrice Arcuri

Once to live the unforgettable experience of one emotional shower it was necessary to go to a spa or in a modern and fully equipped spa hotel who could supply this particular type of hydrotherapy systems.

But what is an emotional shower?
Those who have tried it believe that it has nothing to do with a normal shower. In fact it is a mini wellness that through the combination of water, light, colors and scents manages to offer a feeling of relaxation and pleasure unique both physically and mentally.

Today you can recreate a small spa and a small spa in your own home, making the most of the available spaces. There are many solutions proposed, some of which are truly avant-garde and technological.

The evolution of shower enclosures has experienced an explosive boom in recent years which has also allowed for a significant reduction in prices.
Here i shower today have turned into real environments wellbeing which involve all the sensory aspects using different types of water jets, particular color games and the diffusion of delicate fragrances.

It could be a rain of water that spans the spectrum of colors by playing a suggestive rainbow effect.
Or a light fog scented with mint that envelops the body and mind in a cloud of stinging pleasure.
In the most modern shower cubicles, themassage option both the one for the feet and the specific one for the back, two of the parts of the body that are most affected by the stress accumulated throughout the day.

And for those who want to experience the emotional shower for two?
There are market shower particularly spacious with just two seats to accommodate two people in it and double the pleasure.

An undeniable touch of bathroom design
From the aesthetic point of view, these multi-function shower box will become real furnishing accessories that will embellish the bathroom with their modern design both in the external structure and in the internal components. In fact, most of them are equipped with mini computer with LCD display for the control and management of various functions.

The time of the shower will never be the same. And even the bathroom to become one of the most technological of the house.

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