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Kitchen environment: innovations and trends seen at the 2022 furniture fair

Kitchen environment innovations and trends Salone del Mobile 2022
Kitchen environment: innovations and trends seen at the 2022 furniture fair it has been modified: 2022-06-16 di Benedetto Fiori

The kitchen environment was one of the central themes of the Salone del Mobile 2022, with many innovations and trends seen at Eurocucina and FTK technology for the kitchen, including the one that sees the kitchen become increasingly smart, even in the faucet components.

Below in this article some of the most interesting and innovative proposals for the kitchen environment seen at the Salone del Mobile 2022.

Hizone, from professional kitchens to your home

The trend of using professional kitchen components also in the domestic kitchen is confirmed, Hizone, the new brand of the Umbrian company ISA, making its debut this year at Eurocucina, was born with this intent.
Hizone is a uniform and modular system of blast chillers and professional refrigerated cabinets born from the encounter between the vision of Antonio Citterio, one of the most iconic masters of Italian design, and the technical experience of the Umbrian company ISA SpA. Hizone is something that is not there was: the synthesis between the most advanced cold technology and the flawless aesthetics of a furniture collection, an ambitious project capable of transforming both professional and domestic spaces.
“From professional kitchen to your home. Really. ”, This is in fact the claim and the strength of Hizone. A luxury line with top-level performance that, thanks to the unmistakable design by Antonio Citterio, gives linearity and elegance to the best venues in the world and is perfectly suited to home furnishings.

Hizone Minimatic

Minimatic is a domestic blast chiller designed by Hizone and Antonio Citterio.
Minimatic's professional technology allows you to bring true chef results to the table, guaranteeing the quality and properties of food. The blast chilling programs improve the preservation of food, preserving its qualities and eliminating the risk of waste. The operation takes place via the intuitive touch display and the needle probe with detection at the heart of the food, ensuring the uniformity of the temperature of the different preparations.

Elica LHOV, hob, hood and oven in a single product

With LHOV Elica combines three functions in a single product proposing a real revolution in the kitchen environment.
It is with this intention that LHOV was born, a highly innovative product, which Elica presented as a world preview at Eurocucina 2022, effectively creating a new category of household appliances: a 3-in-1 solution that integrates hob, hood and oven. A real revolution for an optimal management of the domestic space, but above all a product that will give new shape to the cooking experience.
LHOV, was conceived and designed by Fabrizio Crisà, and its name evokes the three essential components of every kitchen (Hob, Oven, Ventilation), but also the love that sees them united in a unique and unprecedented product, just what the most demanding consumers have not yet imagined.
LHOV is a single module that preserves and enhances the linearity of the kitchen: no protrusion, no interruption, the extraction system is cleverly hidden in the product, while the oven, located under the hob, is at a height that favors ergonomics. and frees up space underneath for an additional storage compartment.

NikolaTesla Unplugged propeller

NikolaTesla Unplugged is the new version of Elica's innovative vacuum hob that marks a further turning point in aesthetics, functions and use.
Born from the desire to create a natural and immediate relationship with the product, Unplugged can be controlled through fixed-click knobs, with analog touch & feel, to access the functions quickly and intuitively. All the elements are integrated into an aesthetic with a strong character, designed to intelligently separate the cooking area from the control area. An elegant shockproof bulkhead protects the control area from any possible contact with the pots and from unpleasant spills of liquids.
The knobs with strong features give Nikolatesla Unplugged a professional character, robustness and quality. Their texture with a perfect grip covers an extremely stable internal structure, while the magnetic release of the aesthetic cover makes maintenance operations easy and accurate. Linearity and ease of cleaning of the hob are also guaranteed by the central glass flap, capable of concealing the suction area and activating it only when necessary.

Gessi VITA, the domestic water

With a unique and captivating design, GESSI VITA is the first digital dispenser with an innovative program
multifunction that contributes to reducing the use of plastic and saving water and energy.
It can also be operated via the App and with voice control, it supplies still and sparkling water, cold and hot, with different levels of customization and with the possibility of memorizing up to eighteen levels of quantity.
GESSI innovates in the kitchen environment, the heart of the living space, where the objects that are part of it, being life companions, must be functional but beautiful and with attention to detail, to give us the well-being we need to live.

Guglielmi VOCE, innovation is digital

VOCE is a technology available in various models and finishes from the Guglielmi collections: thanks to its versatility, it allows easy integration with the design of your kitchen and bathroom.
In the kitchen, a space that is the heart of the house but also the most used environment, not only for preparing food but also for sharing, working, relaxing, socializing, it is important to have more and more advanced home automation technologies, which make life easier.
Here then with VOCE you can run the water in the sink in the kitchen or in the sink in the bathroom, but also in the shower or in the bathtub with a simple voice command, thus making these environments increasingly innovative.

Abimis, Mirrored Cold Control System

It is not really new for 2022, but we find that the Abimis Cold Control System with mirrored finish is absolutely fantastic, as indeed is the mirrored Ego kitchen by Abimis, which we talked about in the article on product previews of the Salone del Mobile 2022.
The innovative Abimis system of refrigerated columns, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and designed to bring the performance and technologies of large catering to the home, becomes shining and 'bright' thanks to the special mirror-polished finish.
Structured to preserve the integrity of what we eat daily and guarantee a better quality of home life, the Cold Control System preserves the clean design and sinuous lines of the iconic Ego kitchen, when declined in the mirror finish it transforms into a element capable of surprising through elegant volumes and unexpected 'games' of light.
With the Cold Control System, Abimis has created a high quality product, a solution consisting of refrigerated columns, fully customizable in terms of finish and configuration, which allow the temperature of the various compartments to be modulated and their status to be monitored at any time, ensuring thus, the freshness of foods and their correct conservation (and organization).


SuperOven, the Unox Casa collection dedicated to the most prestigious houses, comes to the Salone del Mobile to amaze. Composed of two models, Model 1 and Model 1S, it offers professional performances in a simple and immediate way, allowing you to carry out any type of cooking, even those that have never been possible in home ovens such as grilling, frying, steaming, vacuum packing, smoking, roasting and dehydration. Thanks to the sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber, it is possible to cook food in a perfect and uniform way and 3 times faster than a normal oven.
SuperOven ovens are equipped with a large and intuitive digital panel capable of activating over 400 automatic cooking processes, for which simply set the desired result and the ovens automatically determine the ideal program, adapting it to the quantity of food in the oven.
The two models available are equipped with the same technology: Model 1, the monolith that exploits the power and versatility of two superimposed ovens; Model 1S, the most compact configuration, equipped with a single cooking chamber. Both, in addition to the innovative technology and intuitive interface, are equipped with an integrated ventilation system that eliminates all odors and vapors with professional activated carbon filters that ensure impeccable performance and keep the air always fresh and clean. And the automatic washing: with the simple touch of the screen, the SuperOven cleans itself autonomously with a solution of water and a delicate and ecological detergent patented by Unox.
Together with the SuperOven ovens it is possible to take advantage of the Cook Like a Chef digital platform, created by Unox Casa to help customers also develop their creativity and find continuous inspiration with the support of the Unox Casa Chefs every day, 24 hours a day.

Kitchen environment innovations and trends Salone del Mobile 2022

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