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"A casa Castiglioni" projects that have made the history of design, in Palermo until October 27 2013

Invitation A Casa Castiglioni Palermo
"A casa Castiglioni" projects that have made the history of design, in Palermo until October 27 2013 it has been modified: ‭2013-10-21 di Benedict Flowers

The exhibition aims to tell, through a simple set-up, dynamic, interactive, some of the projects that have made the history of Italian design. On display objects designed for everyday life, placed in their real context of use. The space, set up like a real living accommodation, it is contemplated that longer lived, because each object has a definite place, designed for that specific function.

You can admire the objects for the home designed for Alessi as the simple tablespoon mayonnaise "Sleek", the luminaires designed for Flos as the timeless "Arco" lamp, earnings tables "Mate" and "Mini Mate" for De Padua to the tune of music played by the historian radiogram RR226. Do not miss an object entered the homes of all: the switch VLM of which Castiglioni was particularly proud.

Will be showcasing some self-produced projects, in limited edition, the Foundation Achille Castiglioni as the table "Screwdriver" a "work apron" and objects produced in collaboration with Alessi.
The opening of the exhibition was preceded by a conference attended by the daughter of the well-known designer, Giovanna Castiglioni, is Marco Marzini who work in the studio, a museum, to continue to share a method of designing and life.

By organizing I-design and collaboration of Oikos, you can follow a performance of "live-panting" involving artists from Palermo that will be called upon to interpret "the main design component" so loved by the architect. The proceeds from the sale of the works of the artists involved will go to the Foundation Achille Castiglioni because Sicily proves, once again, very close to the preservation of the culture and to support this.

"A casa Castiglioni" is an exhibition curated by Achille Castiglioni Foundation and will be open to Palermo until 27 2013 October and November in Milan, in the spaces of Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, in Piazza Castello 27.

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