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Good design, food design - Interior and exterior food landscapes. Showcooking and creativity

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Good design, food design - Interior and exterior food landscapes. Showcooking and creativity it has been modified: 2015-06-16 di RedOffice

The event, organized by GIFASP in collaboration with Arclinea and the magazine Interni, will take place on Monday 22 June 2015 at 19 pm at the Centro Cucine Arclinea in corso Monforte 28 in Milan, on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, within the format " Design meets food - Conversations on creativity ”, promoted by Interni magazine.

A Showcooking - Talk will be held on 22 June 2015 in Milan with an 'Orange Experience' as young interpreters, Fabrizio Sansoni, chef & food designer and Francesca Meana, paper designer, who will talk about their point of view on the coherence between content , form, function and consumption. The culture of food, in the 'proper' context of the main theme of Expo Milano 2015, will be examined through an inseparable bond of great openness, capable of building an always unique domestic landscape, which has man and food as nourishment, protagonists.

The landscape of food has changed: “interior and exterior” are an expression of the same reality and the exterior and its packaging are one with the content. At the center of the event at the Centro Cucine Arclinea in Corso Monforte 28 in Milan is an Orange Experience, that is the orange, “an almost perfect object in which there is absolute coherence between form, function and consumption”. Therefore, starting from Munari's concept of “Good design” we arrive at a liquid vision that draws attention to the interior / exterior and to the packaging. It is an event in which the hands become the central fact - during speaking both speakers work - almost a reconnection with the tradition and the depth of the sign, an origami event built with ritual and in real time. The landscape of food has changed: the modern era has created a series of 'stacking' and misunderstandings that have moved food away from its truest and most profound 'being'. .

More and more food must employ their own systems of other environments, to meet the diverse cultures, spaciousness, user mode. You should know to integrate new functions, the challenges of technology. Each project must therefore respond to different criteria but also the needs of security, ethics and sustainability. Qquesta is the essence of the dialogue between Gifasp and Arclinea. For Arclinea, which in recent decades has changed, uniquely, the behavior and the rituals in the kitchen, the not expressed only through form and function design, but become able to turn spaces into places of experience, creativity, sharing . GIFASP its part, it is deployed on the core values ​​of Expo 2015: for the Milan World Expo has planned a series of actions with the claim: "The protection and sustainability culture".

The talk of the protagonists of the June 22 2015

Fabrizio Sansoni

Fabrizio Sansoni, Milan, with a blood mix Neapolitan, Tuscan and Sardinian. After a long experience on the sets of commercials and became a passionate cook and traveler to family culture, it has established himself as food designer. Very young, she left for the United States, where he lives and works to 4 years and a half, and learn to cook professionally in San Francisco; parallel, it maintains a link with the kitchen as a laboratory, redesigning or studying specific menus. The last piece of the puzzle: follows in Puglia a small and valuable oil production.

Francesca Meana

Francesca Meana, from Milan, likes to define herself as a paper designer because with paper she can deal with packaging and create stories; he therefore believes that it is the best support and material to tell a story not only by printing it but also by building it. He actually studied interior design at the Milan Polytechnic and marketing in a course at Bocconi. Packaging is part of her life: the family business, for which she collaborates in the coordinated image, has been producing boxes for 135 years. He is a member of the Gifasp Executive Committee.


Association deployed on the core values ​​of Expo 2015. The Italian Group of Folding Case and Box operates, since 1960 as specialized group within Assografici. GIFASP also closely follows the activities of Comieco (National Consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging), influences the choices of ECMA (European Carton Makers Association), sharing the strategies and collaborates with Pro Carton view of paper and cardboard packaging image promotion. For the Milan World Expo has planned a series of actions with the claim: "The protection and sustainability culture".


The company was founded in Caldogno, Veneto, in 1925. The founder, Silvio Fortuna Senior, resumed the business started by his great grandfather in 1816: an artisan workshop specialized in woodworking, with a vocation for quality. In 1960 the company became "Arclinea Cucine Componibili", where Arc stands for Rational Modular Furniture. Arclinea leaves the artisan dimension, dedicating all its production energy to kitchen cabinets, taking on a precise positioning in the field and then becoming a prestigious brand, with specialist stores worldwide.

"Good design, food design", June 22 2015, 19 hours. Arclinea kitchens Centre, Corso Monforte, Milan 28

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